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Once you have your essay or term paper written you tend to forget that it is still not the end of the service as there may be errors that might have to be removed or grammatical mistakes that need to be edited. For that you need a good proof reader who can catch the smallest mistakes that your article might have in one go. Proofreading requires a lot of skill and precision as it is equally important for the proof reader to edit the essay that the writer may not have been able to do at the time when he was busy with the task of writing it.

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Hence there is a need for a proofreading service that can further enhance the quality of your essay and why not because while writing an essay a writer has to take care of many aspects and it is human to err while doing so many jobs at a time. This is why a good essay is always checked by a good proof reader. provides you the best proof reading services.

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Your #1 essay writing website is also a proofreading service and has attained a name for itself in this sphere also. We have a team of very professional proofreaders who like our writers give their 100% to get rid of any mistakes in your essay. Their talent and experience have helped us carve out a niche for ourselves as a high-quality proofreading service also. There is a large clientele who comes to us for proofreading of essays that they have bought from our writers or written on their own. We welcome your proofreading and editing assignments also as we know it is not easy for you to find your own mistakes in the essay.

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Our team of proofreaders are educated up to the Master’s and Doctorate level and have a lot of knowledge that they can put to use while proofreading essays of the school, college, university or post graduate level. We aim for the betterment of our students and do not want them to lose out on unnoticed errors that slip into their essay leading to deduction of marks and grades.

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  • Place an order and provide explicit guidelines.

  • Pay for your order, and we will start working on it immediately.

  • Our editor will follow your instructions to the letter.

  • Your paper will be proofread according to the established rules.

  • If you have any questions, contact our support agents.

  • Receive a thoroughly proofread paper.

Technology is not always up to its mark and there are word processors and spell checks that let spelling mistakes and grammatical errors pass by. Thus as we know the human brain works faster and better than the computer and that is the reason why we coax you to get your essay proofread by a learned professional who will review yours and even his work to make your essay error free.

Not only do our writers have loads of experience and qualification but they are also made to go through the grind in the form of an entrance test which is of a very high level and only the best are selected to be a part of our proofreading service. Each of the aspects including formatting the essay, outlining the essay, usage of grammar and vocabulary and editing the draft is taken care of by our proofreaders and made sure that not even the slightest of errors creep into the essay at any given time. Our aim is customer satisfaction and academic excellence of our student customers. We make sure that these are all met by the standards of our essays.

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Be it any term paper, essay, research paper, theses, dissertation, report, review or any other given academic assignment you will find to be free from any errors once it is dealt with by a proof reader from We excel at writing in different formats like Turabian and Chicago, APA and MLA and also Harvard that is followed all over the world. After all we have been in the market for 4 years as the leading proofreading agency and our work has matched the quality demanded by the top universities of USA, Canada, UK and Australia. Thus we have no hesitation in calling ourselves as the world’s best portal that offers proofreading services.

We are not like other proof reading companies which are seen in internet advertisements. The main intention of these custom proof reading companies who claim that they have excellence in removing mistakes from an essay and getting rid of any unwanted material in your writings and that too at a very low price is to dupe you off your hard earned money. It is up to you to choose between their quality and ours but after seeing the difference in their list of customers and our list of customers you will surely make the right choice just like many others have done. Get your essay proofread by the best proofreaders so that you do not have to compromise with quality and are not pulled behind in the race for success by mere errors in your essay. Testimonials

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