FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • I cannot submit my order since the page is not updating.

    Check whether no great files are attached. If the attached documents exceed the set size limit, you will not be able to submit the form.

    Your files can be emailed to us or sent via Live Chat Support.

  • I have chosen an inappropriate academic level/deadline/word count/assignment type. Can I introduce the needed changes?

    Editing the assignment details on one’s own after the order form submission is impossible. Still, we can do everything instead of you.

    The order cost will be recalculated in accordance with new instructions. To get the changes introduced, you will need to pay the determined price difference.

  • How can I indicate a larger word count?

    More pages can be added by making an extra order. To use this option, log in to your account, “My orders” section namely.

    Additionally, you may address our Live Chat Support and ask for help.

  • How to find out that the expert is assigned to my assignment?

    Once your assignment is allocated to the writer, his/her ID will appear in your order detailed, line Writernamely.

  • Is it possible to receive a draft of my project?

    Yes, a 1-page draft can be added to your paper. You will be able to get it after 50% of the selected urgency.

    Please pay attention that this is a paid option.

  • How to apply for a revision?

    There is a set free revision period within which a free revision can be requested (depending on the paper, it may range from 48hours to 30 days).

    To send your revision application to your specialist, go to My orders – Completed orders, pick the needed assignment and choose the “Request revision” option.

    Please remember to provide your writer with comprehensible revision instructions and deadline.

    You may also turn to our Support agents for assistance, if needed.

  • How can my phone number/password/email be altered?

    The mentioned items can be changed in your “Profile” section.

    Log in to your personal cabinet, go to Profile and choose Edit Profile. Please, press “Save changes” to save the updated data.

  • How long does the process of assigning a writer take?

    We try to assign an expert as soon as possible. The procedure may take from several minutes to a few hours.

    In some cases, the process may be lengthier since it depend son the experts’ availability, difficulty of the task, deadline, etc.

  • My free revision request was sent late but I need a revision. What should I do?

    If your revision request was sent late, you are required to submit a new order choosing “Revision” as a kind of service.

  • How can I reach my writer?

    You can contact your writer with the help of our messaging system available in your account.

    In case of an urgent matter, you can get in touch with our Live Chat Support.

  • Where can I find my project?

    It can be downloaded from your personal area. Access the “Orders” section in your cabinet and choose the “Files” tab.

    Additionally, you will get an email containing the link to your work once it is finished.

  • Can you assist me with my coding assignment?

    Our company provides writing services only. The assignments related to coding, software development, or programming cannot be handled by our team.

  • How will I get some news?

    You will receive automatic emails informing you about any actions or changes related to your account. You may also get updates by means of SMS, calls, and messages in our system.

  • How can I know that my paper is assigned?

    The details about your paper can be seen in your account. The status "Payment Verification" signifies that the financial transaction was not conducted (thus, press the "Pay now" tab to make a payment or provide us with a payment receipt).

    The status "Processing" signifies that the assignment is allocated to the writer and the work on it has started.

    The status "Sent/Completed" signifies that the final version of your writing project is available.

  • When will I get my paper?

    Your paper will be delivered according to the stated deadline. Please mind that the countdown commences once the order is made and confirmed. When selecting the time frame, remember that your assignment will be sent to you exactly on the due date (e.g. if the urgency is 3 days, your work will be delivered in 72 hours after its verification).

  • I have some difficulties with the order placement. Why?

    In case all the obligatory sections of the order form are completed but you still cannot submit your assignment, check whether there are any attachments. If this is the case, make you order without any attached files and then send them to our email indicating your assignment ID. The sent files will be added to your order by our Support Representatives.

  • Where will my completed project be uploaded?

    It will be uploaded to your personal cabinet once the due date comes. To review your project, find it in the Processing/Completed orders and browse the “Files” section.

  • I cannot make a payment. What to do?

    The payments are not processed by us directly. Hence, in case of troubles, try to use another payment system or debit/credit card. Additionally, you may try to conduct a financial transaction by using another web browser or gadget. Please, contact our Support Agents to get more details.

  • Can I receive my assignment before the deadline if the writer completes it earlier?

    Our writers work according to the imposed deadlines. The chosen time frame influences the cost of your project and, as a result, our writers’ and editors’ salaries. Thus, without the compensation for the altered initial urgency, we cannot ask our specialists to provide orders before the deadline.

  • Do you send the completed projects via email?

    Once the indicated deadline is over, your work will be attached to your order in your cabinet. Additionally, you will get an email with the link by clicking which you will be redirected to your completed task.

  • Is it necessary to pay for the preferred writer if I select the supreme level of writing?

    The chosen level of writing means that your project will be immediately allocated to one of our top 30 writers who is highly competent in your field. Additionally, you will be provided with a detailed report on plagiarism. If there is a preferred writer who has already done some assignments for you and you were satisfied with the outcome, you can make your next order by choosing the same expert and premium level of writing. Our Writing Department will make certain that your orderis allocated to the preferred writer immediately and you will receive an in-depth plagiarism report.

  • I do not want to indicate my personal phone number? Why should I do it?

    Indicating your personal phone number is not a must. Still, it will make both writing and communication processes more effective especially when some urgent clarifications are required.

  • Does your agency guarantee privacy? Can my personal details be revealed to anyone?

    Not a single piece of your personal information can be disclosed to anyone since we follow a strict Privacy Policy. We make sure the data about our users and writer is kept safe. To avoid any problems, we adhere to the rule that even our writers are unaware of the customers’ names. Our clients cannot get our writers’ personal data as well.

  • Can I ask for only one revision during the period established for free revisions?

    No, you can request any number of revisions during the respective free revision period.

  • How can I know that the piece of writing created by the writer is free from plagiarism?

    We are responsible for providing our clients with plagiarism-free writing projects. Each paper is scanned by our plagiarism-detection tool before it is uploaded to your personal cabinet.

  • Who will work on my task?

    Our team comprises skilled writers who have great experience in producing the writing projects of different levels of difficulty and in various fields. The members of our Writing Department will ensure that your order is assigned to the most suitable specialist.

  • How can I know that my work was edited or proofread?

    We suggest using our VIP services to have an opportunity to avail yourself of some extra options one of which is “Get an order proofread by an editor.” You are just required to click a respective VIP service and it will be added to the cost of your paper. As soon as the service is paid, your work will be edited by one our Editors after it is created by the Writer.

  • How to know that the writer is working on my piece of writing?

    You can log in to your account to check the status of your assignment manually. If the financial transaction was conducted successfully, the assignment status would change to "new." Once the specialist is allocated, the order status will change to "Processing." Once your work is uploaded to the system, the status will be "Sent."

    One more way of getting informed about the status of your order is ordering such a VIP option as SMS notifications. In this case, you will get text messages every time the assignment status changes.

  • By mistake, I selected a wrong deadline. I need my assignment to be done earlier. Is it possible to arrange everything as I need?

    Yes, you can get your project when required. Nonetheless, according to our rules, small compensation is to paid for the urgency (it is required to compensate writer’s work on the order with the altered deadline). The amount of the compensation depends on the difference between the initially selected urgency and the deadline needed. For instance, if you ordered an assignment with the 11-day deadline but want it to be completed within 4 days, you will need to compensate for the 7-day difference. We check the fee at the site, make a compensation order covering the needed sum of money and send you the link to payment. Once the financial transaction is carried out successfully, you will get your paper according to the new deadline.

  • How to get the writer doing my previous assignment to work on my new order (I like the expert’s style of writing as well as a high grade which I received. Now, I want the same specialist to do my other projects.)

    You have to select the option Preferred Writer’s ID, insert your writer’s ID (you can get it from your previous assignment), click “Add.” Then, your assignment will be allocated to the mentioned expert. Please note that you will need to pay additional 15% if your order is completed by a Preferred Writer. This additional fee will go to the chosen writer directly. It will ensure the top priority of your assignment among others.

  • What are you responsible for?

    Once the order is placed, we begin seeking the writer who is the most competent in the area and provide around-the-clock support. At each stage of our cooperation, editing and plagiarism check included, you will get updates from our representatives.We guarantee to deliver each order on schedule.

  • Can you help me with a very challenging paper?

    The specialists comprising our team can handle the writing projects ranging from the high school to PhD level. You can send your requirements to us first and we will see whether we have the writer with the qualifications needed to fulfill your task.

  • Why cannot I pay for my assignment?

    If you see the "authorization/payment failed" notification on the screen, try to use another gadget/browser/payment processing firm/card or get in touch with your bank/payment processing firm.

  • I Pressed "Proceed" but the order form stays gray/keeps loading?

    The problem must be in the size of attachments if there are any. Please, place your order without any attached documents. They can be sent to our email/Live Chat or uploaded to the “Files” section later.

  • I made a payment but I am still asked to pay.

    Check your email for the payment receipt and send it to us. Remember to check both Spam and Trash folders. If no receipt is available, check your bank statement to ensure you were charged in the first place. You may send the screenshot of your bank statement to us so that our Financial Department could track your financial transaction down. If neither a receipt nor charge on your bank statement is available, it means that the transaction was not made and you need to use another device/browser/card/payment processing agency.

  • I want to find out whether my task can be fulfilled. Can I do it before the order placement?

    Yes! You can use either a chat or email to provide us with your guidelines, and we will ask our Writing Department to see whether the assignment can be completed.

  • Is it obligatory to give my real phone number/email?

    We do advise our clients to provide their valid contacts so that we can reach them quickly in case some extra details/directions are needed urgently.

  • I was notified that my assignment would be refunded. How much time does such a procedure usually take?

    Depending on the bank, the process of refunding your money to your card may take 3-5 business days.

  • How can I reach my expert?

    In accordance with our policy, you can message your writer via your personal cabinet. If you do not have an opportunity to access your account, you can forward your clarifications/documents to our email. Our support representatives will inform our specialist about your message straight away.

  • Where can I find my completed work?

    Finding your project in your account is easy:

    My orders – Completed orders – Click your assignment ID – the completed work will be available in the "Files" section.

    If you face some difficulties, ask our Support Agents for help.

  • When will I get my final project?

    The final projects are provided according to the specified deadline which can be checked in the following way:

    My orders – Processing orders – Click your project ID –section Delivery (it shows when exactly your assignment will be delivered).

  • Can the assigned expert buy the required book?

    According to our rules,a client has to provide all the material needed to do their assignment in case it is unavailable online.

  • I tried to place my order a few times but my efforts resulted in failure. What to do?

    Try to reload the page and ensure that no large files are attached to the form. You can detach the files and send them to our Live Chat or email support@primewritings.com.

  • The writer/professor requested me to add an additional page. How can I order one more page?

    Log in to your cabinet, press "Additional Order" next to your assignment and submit the form. You will be taken to the payment page. Both orders will be connected with each other. Note that our support agents can make an extra order instead of you if needed.

  • I chose wrong urgency. Can the time frame be shortened?

    The urgency can be changed if you provide the compensation for the difference between the initial and new deadlines. Feel free to reach our support team to find out what amount of compensation you will need to pay and introduce the change of the deadline.

  • What kind of assignment should I select if I cannot find the needed one in the order form?

    You can send some of your requirements to our support representatives by email/Live Chat and they will help you pick the type of assignment according to your instructions.

  • Can you guarantee authentic papers?

    We guarantee to provide non-plagiarized content. All texts are thoroughly checked by our qualified specialists. Each work is assigned to a highly proficient writer who researches the topic thoroughly and writes the paper from scratch.

    You can be sure that the piece of writing ordered from our agency will pass plagiarism scanning successfully. By the way, you will be able to test your writing project for authenticity by using our scanner PlagiarismSearch once it is delivered. Such checker as Turnitin is not used by our agency since it automatically safes previously checked texts meaning the same paper cannot be scanned twice.

  • Do you guarantee confidentiality?

    Our company guarantees total confidentiality. No users’ details are recorded by our agency. We do not reveal your personal data to anyone. Thus, no one will findout about our collaboration.

  • Will my assignment be done on time?

    Yes, it will since we guarantee scheduled delivery. When making your order, pick a suitable time frame and the expert assigned to your task will do their best to fulfill it on schedule.

  • Can the cost of my paper be negotiated?

    The prices set at our site are stable. Still, you can always address our support agents and discuss the price of the assignment which you want to order. Additionally, you should know that we offer our clients an efficient discount system. If you order your paper right now, the chances are high that you will be provided with a discount.

  • How can I reach the writer in case of questions?

    If you have any queries, remarks, or requests, you can communicate with your specialist via our online messaging system that can be used right from your account. Additionally, you may use our toll-free numbers or Live Chat to contact our Support representatives in case of urgent issues.

  • The order form continues loading and does not go through. What can it be caused by?

    Such an issue is caused by the files attached to the order form. There may be either several documents attached or one big file that does not let you submit the order form. Thus, place your order without any attached files. As soon as your order is submitted, use your personal account to attach the needed documents or ask our support agents for help.

  • There is only an hour to pass my online test but I cannot find such an option in the order form. Can I get your assistance with my test?

    We will be able to help you if there is an available specialist with respective qualification to take your test. Please, contact our Customer Support Representatives before placing your order to clarify the matter.

  • How can a refund be provided in the form of bonus credits? How can I use them?

    Please, inform our Customer Support Team (by phone or Live Chat) or our Financial Department (by email: essayissues@gmail.com) about your decision. As soon as your refund request is processed and approved, bonus credits will be allocated to your personal cabinet. Once the bonus is credited, you will be able to use it at the end of the order placement procedure. Pay attention that bonus credits will be assigned to your cabinet right after your refund application is approved.

  • When and how can I get my paper?

    When making your order on our website, you have to select the urgency and the assigned writer will mind it. For example, if you choose 12 hours, it means that your paper will be delivered to you in 12 hours. Once your writing project is completed, it will be uploaded to your cabinet at our site. In addition, you will get an email notifying you about the assignment completion. Once you get the notification, log in to your personal area and download your work.

  • What kind of assignment should I select?

    Before submitting you order, reach us via Live Chat or email your guidelines to us to help us understand what you need. We will study your instructions and provide you with respective guidance. We will inform you about the type of order that has to be chosen.

  • How can I be confident of receiving a top-notch writing project? Do you guarantee any scores?

    Though we cannot guarantee any scores for certain reasons, we promise that each writing project meets quality standards. To prove that these are not empty words, we want to admit that our writers hold MA and PhD degrees in various fields of study. We are proud of providing our services for 22 years during which we helped numerous customers succeed. To ensure that we provide top-flight papers, you are welcome to browse our "Samples" page.

  • Is there a possibility of getting my assignment earlier?

    In accordance with the established delivery policy, you are supposed to get your writing project within the period of time specified in the order form. Nonetheless, if you need your piece of writing earlier, you will be required to make a compensation order to cover the difference in price. If you face such an issue, contact us via Live Chat and will calculate the amount of the compensation and place a respective order for you.

  • Who will work on my piece of writing?

    All writing projects are produced by accomplished and experienced writers competent in respective areas.

  • Can I first find out whether you can fulfill my task and then place my order?

    Certainly. You can either reach us via Live Chat or send us an email to support@primewritings.com, provide our Support Agents with your guidelines and we will check everything for you.

  • What about your prices?

    The cost of a specific writing project depends on several items such as the deadline, number of pages/words, academic level and other details. To detect the sum of money which you will need to pay, browse our “Prices” page or contact us via Live Chat and our Support Agents will calculate the price for you.

  • How will I get my finished writing project?

    Your completed tasks will be delivered to you by email. Additionally, the completed work will be uploaded to your account, order page namely, where you will be able to download it at any time.

  • I have the part of my paper. Can you help me complete it?

    Yes, our experts can help you complete your work. If you have any questions about what order to place in such a case, contact our Support Representatives and they will help you.

  • What schedule do you work to?

    We work 24/7 meaning we can help you anytime.

  • Can you fulfill urgent tasks?

    We are highly skilled at doing urgent writing projects. To save your time and get your order on schedule, you should consult with our Support Agents about the matter before making an order for your urgent assignment.

  • I want the specialist doing my previous assignments to work on the current paper. How can it be arranged?

    In your cabinet, on the page of your previous order, you can find the ID of the expert who did it. When placing a new order, enter the Writer’s ID into the “Preferred Writer” section to get him/her assigned to your current paper.

  • Can you handle online tests?

    Yes, you can order such type of assignment. Here is how you can do it:

    When completing the order form, choose “Online Test” as a kind of assignment.

    Provide the books, lectures, and any other files related to your test so that our writer could prepare for it.

    In the description section, specify the date, test duration, time, and your time zone.

    Provide the login credentials so that the Writer could access the website.

    You give us the mentioned data – the Writer gets prepared and then accesses the site where the test has to be taken at the stated time and takes the test.

  • Can I get a revision if any amendments are required?

    In case the delivered paper does not comply with the requirements provided at the order placement stage, you can ask for a revision within 2 days after the deadline expiration. If your initial instructions have not been altered during the writing process, a revision will be made for free. Still, if you lay down new specifications and want your Writer to introduce some changes, you will need to provide the compensation.

  • Do you promise grades?

    No grades are guaranteed since professors may evaluate your work in their own way. However, what we guarantee is superior quality, authenticity, and a free revision if required.

  • Can my work be tested for authenticity with your help?

    When paying for the respective VIP option while making your order, you will be able to get your papers checked for plagairism by ThePlagiarism.com free of charge within a year.

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