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In order to get a Ph.D. degree in a specific area, you will need to write a dissertation and submit it for assessment at the end of your educational program. You are probably working on one right now and dreaming for it to be finally over. But there are many challenges ahead, and of them is dissertation methodology. Among all the dissertation chapters that you will need to create, a methodology section is the most intricate one. Writing a methodology chapter involves highlighting research methods used for preparing a dissertation and providing credible explanations about their choice. It is a great deal of complicated work, and you probably understand it if you are here. The team of is ready to provide you with professional dissertation methodology writing help so that you do not have to worry about the outcome. Students across the globe turn to us for assistance with their writing projects, and you are welcome to use our services as well. Just like others, you will like the result!

What a Methodology Section Is: A Clear Explanation

A methodology section is a chapter of a dissertation that comes right after the literature review. It describes all the research methods used in the work. In other words, the section explains the how of your study. It should be well-grounded to convince the reader that your research is worthwhile. Also, it must be clear and well-explained, so that other scholars could repeat the study if they needed. To start working on the methodology part of your dissertation, you need to have a research question and objectives defined. Also, you should know what other scholars learned about the topic and how they did it. With this information, you can start planning your research design, data collection process, data analysis, etc. Describing your rationale and the actual use of the methods chosen is what writing a methodology chapter is all about.

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Writing a Dissertation Methodology Section: What to Include

The obligatory elements of a methodology section largely depend on your field of study, as well as the topic. There is a great deal of methods too that are applied differently. For example, some involve collecting your own data, while others do not, so it affects what you would need to describe. Yet, the following list of elements is a good starting point to get an idea about what the methodology part should be like:

  • Research objectives. Research methodology is always closely related to the objectives of the study. Although they are mentioned in the introduction, you should restate them in this chapter to underline this connection.
  • Research approach. You need to explain the theory and/or philosophical approach that you use to answer the research question and why. You also have to state whether you will use an inductive or deductive research approach and why. The deductive research approach is about testing the existing hypothesis, while the inductive one helps to come up with hypotheses. Depending on the research approach, you will need to collect either qualitative data, quantitative data, or both.
  • Research design. Your data needs determine the research design. Quantitative research is about collecting numeric data and doing mathematical data analysis to test hypotheses. Qualitative methods are necessary to analyze text, speech, audio, experiences, and other non-numeric data. Or you might need mixed methods research design when both data types are involved.
  • Data collection. Next, the reader has to learn how exactly you are collecting data, i.e., which instruments you use and why. Quantitative research might require doing an experiment or conducting a survey. Qualitative methods might involve case studies, interviews, questionnaires, observations, etc. In both cases, you have to describe the sample, setting, instruments and tools used, timing, and procedure.
  • Data analysis. It is important to explain what you do with the data once it is available and why. In the case of quantitative research, do you use some statistical test or other analytical methods? In the case of qualitative research design, how do you analyze and interpret data? If you deal with any sensitive data, ethical considerations should be addressed too.
  • Limitations. Regardless of the research approach or design, there are things that you cannot be sure of because of your research methodology. Explain what limitations or challenges you anticipate.

Of course, some of these elements might be more important than others in your dissertation. For example, you might choose to discuss limitations in the Discussion chapter because it makes more sense for your topic. Still, this list can give a good understanding of what writing a dissertation methodology section is about.

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Common Methodology Section Types

There are infinite numbers of topics to study, a huge number of subject areas to explore, and many methods to do it. And the research methods should be properly chosen for a specific study. But first of all, you need to know your options, right? Let us have a look at different types of research methodology depending on the field of study, specifically:

  • methodology for a scientific study
  • methodology for a social study
  • methodology for humanities
  • methodology for creative arts.
  • Writing a Methodology Chapter for a Scientific Study

A scientific dissertation requires scientific research methods, which are based on experiments and tests. Usually, a scholar makes an observation about a certain phenomenon and asks a research question about it. Then, they study the topic and formulate a hypothesis. Next, they test their predictions, which are based on the hypothesis, and collect data. Data analysis allows drawing conclusions and deciding whether the predictions came true. What makes this methodology special is that it is very complicated to implement but brings much value.

  • Writing a Dissertation Methodology Part for Social Sciences

In social studies, the subjects of research are people, and scholars are people too. It means that there is always some bias, but good research methodology helps to minimize it. Just like in a scientific study, a scholar has to make an observation, ask a research question, and have a hypothesis to test. But the research design might be qualitative, quantitative, or mixed, which affects the research methods used to collect data and complete data analysis. A scholar has to choose wisely whether they need quantitative and/or qualitative data and apply corresponding instruments.

  • Writing a Methodology Chapter for Humanities Dissertation

In humanities, a scholar investigates and interprets certain phenomena or objects through a chosen research approach. One can opt for a historical perspective, gender or race approach, cultural criticism, post-colonial approach, anthropological approach, and many others. The data collection methods in humanities are interviews, observations, case studies, focus groups, archival research, questionnaires, etc. Data analysis might focus on visuals, content, narrative, discourse, and other statistical or qualitative data.

  • Methodology Chapters in Creative Arts Dissertations

In creative arts, a dissertation is rather a portfolio than a typical study with a research design, data collection tool, research question, etc. A student has to create a project, and the methodology chapter should describe how they came up with it. It should be analytical and not descriptive, which turns writing a methodology part into a real challenge.

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How to Structure a Methodology Chapter

The main purpose of methodology in a dissertation is to make your research credible and reproducible. To fulfill it, the methods chapter should be properly structured and easy to grasp. When writing a methodology unit, you should move from general to specific and preserve chronological order if applicable. You should:

  1. Describe the target you want to achieve and the strategy that you will use along with the rationale.
  2. Explain that philosophical and/or practical approach along with the justification.
  3. Cover all the technical aspects from the research design to analysis methods. Present details from general to specific, while procedures should be chronologically correct.
  4. Discuss reliability, ethical consideration, and challenges.

Such a way of presenting information pushes a student to evaluate their research methods from various perspectives. Are they grounded on previous studies? Are they good for the research question? Are they doable and scalable? Are they ethical? What do they yield? This is exactly why we strongly recommend following this approach to organizing the methodology chapter.

Tips on Writing a Dissertation Methodology Section

Writing a methodology chapter is not easy at all, but there are ways to make the process clearer, faster, and more efficient. The dissertation experts of are happy to share some of them with you:



Analyze methodology sections of other scholars

You should have a look at the methodology examples and study them. It is not to copy them but rather learn to understand them and be able to tell between a good and bad one. Analyze both quantitative research and the one that uses qualitative methods to feel the difference. See how they are structured and how they flow.

Do the planning

You should create a clear and detailed outline of your chapter before you start writing it. It will help you avoid omissions of data or illogical organization of information. You will also need to fill the gaps in your outline rather than think about what to write in each following paragraph. 

Think of your audience

Mind that a reader of your dissertation is most probably interested in your field and has a certain level of knowledge about it. It means you do not have to define every term or provide unnecessary details. Make the text interesting and engaging for the audience. But never skip the details that are necessary to repeat the research.

Speak of objectives again

The audience needs to know what is behind your methodology part. So, do not hesitate to restate your research question and objectives in this section. Similarly, do not be shy when discussing the rationale for the selected methods. A reader should see your confidence and understand the results that you were aiming for.

And here is one last piece of advice. If you having trouble writing a methodology chapter on your own and are tired of being stressed out about it, get professional assistance. Qualified help from is your way to feel and sleep better without putting your education at risk.

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How to Buy a Dissertation Methodology

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How to Receive a Well-Written Methodology Chapter from

To buy a dissertation methodology chapter here, you just need to take 3 simple steps:

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You are welcome to make a purchase from our agency if you are looking for truly professional assistance. We promise to deliver it on time and will do our best to help you reach success.

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