How It Works

You simply fill in the order form and submit a payment.

You simply fill in the order form and submit a payment. What information is collected?

What information is collected?

Only specific project details to ensure that your personal essay writer has all the information needed to produce a customized paper exactly to your needs! Do not forget to provide explicit professor's instructions which include a detailed description of the order, course material (if required by the task), possible attached files, and personal comments on how the work should look like.

  • If there are certain class materials provided by your professor or books that cannot be accessed online, please provide your future writer with the attachments/scans of the needed pages.
  • Indicate your educational level (e.g. School, College, Bachelor, Master, etc.). It will help your writer choose an appropriate writing style needed for your customized paper.
  • Choose the required language option from the offered ones: US or UK. Thus, the writer will be provided with additional details and understand your project specifics better.
What happens with my order?

What happens with my order?

Once we receive all the information and confirmation of your payment, your order is made available to our team of expert writers applying to work on it. Once a number of applications are submitted, we select an academic writer who fits your project needs best of all.

Personal writer is assigned, the writing process is started. What should I do?

We collect all the necessary material for your customized paper through the order submission form. While our writer is working on your order, you can be busy with whatever task you have to finish or take advantage of all the other features offered, including direct communication with the writer and members of a Support Team. These are add-ons that can help you keep track of your order status and the process of its completion. These options serve to provide you with the best customized essay papers on the web.

What happens with my order?

What are the next stages?

Writer is working on your customized paper. Normally, the process starts with regular research, continues with planning, crafting a rough draft and then writing until the customized paper meets your expectations. Every time your personal writer or our support team sends you a message with some questions, changes, etc., you receive e-mail/SMS notifications to always stay informed.

Writer finishes the work. Do I receive my paper then?

Writer finishes the work. Will I receive my paper then?

Not exactly, your customized paper is still to pass our quality assurance department prior to being delivered to you. Thus, even though your writer's work on your customized essay has already been completed, some time is required to scan the work for plagiarism and check it for formatting violations, if any. We certainly keep in mind your deadline so, there is no need to worry about that.

Paper is delivered to you. What should I do next?

You can download your paper through customer's profile. Also, you can receive your customized paper by e-mail as an attachment. A plagiarism report, if ordered by you, is also available for direct download. Read your customized paper and fill out a customer satisfaction survey.

Do I have to fill out the survey?

No, but in this way you would do us a favor, since writer's work, his/her salary and status depend upon how well you rate his or her work. places your satisfaction as the ultimate goal! We empower you to speak out and let us improve our services for you! Testimonials

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