How to Write a Discussion Post vs Write My Discussion Board Post Option

Online discussions as a means of assessing students are an essential component of today’s education. Unfortunately, professors do not give students enough instructions about how to deal with such kind of assignment. Therefore, let the team of explain you to how to create a worthy discussion board post. In case you find the algorithm on how to write a discussion post bewildering or hard to follow, you can request discussion board post writing help from our proficient specialists. According to the definition, a discussion board post is a piece of writing that presents students’ answers to specific discussion board questions or their viewpoint on the matter under consideration. It is usually assigned to college and university students. Note that depending on the instructions given by your professor, you may be required to provide a list of references to defend your position on the subject.

How to Write a Good Discussion Post: Main Features of a Discussion Board

An online discussion board is a web resource belonging to a school website where students hold their online dialogues. If you are taking an online course, you will be invited to enter into an online discussion by your professor. Before being involved into an online conversation, it is necessary to find out how to produce a great post. It is clear that different factors determine the notion a “good discussion entry.” Still, it is possible to outline general tips that should be followed by students when writing their posts.

So, draw your attention to the prompts given below and you will find out how to write a good discussion post, the one that will meet the established standards and attract the attention of both your classmates and professor.

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Layout of a Discussion Entry

  • Compose the text that is easy to react to. Commenting on the posts is sometimes challenging. In the cases when students cannot put forward fresh ideas about the issue, they apply many clichés what makes the discussion mundane. In order to make the commenting process easier, you may include questions in your entries.
  • Give detailed answers to the questions. Since you are participating in an online discussion, you can describe your personal experience and some life situations which you have faced to make your post engaging.
  • Provide information about ongoing events to arouse readers’ interest. For instance, if you decide to discuss a political system, you should look through popular newspapers in order to find the articles relating to your topic. Remember to give vivid examples and support your ideas with firm evidence.
  • Include the material you have learnt during classes in your text. In this way, you will show your professor that you have a thorough knowledge about the discussed topic and know how to write a discussion entry to the point.
  • You may add a provocative question to your board post that demands an instant response. You may also present an opposing point of view on the highlighted issue to encourage other members of the discussion thread to react to your entry.
  • Write original texts. You should not repeat what others have said about the explored topic. You have to produce a unique entry in order to obtain the highest score. Add a zest to your piece of writing to attract both professor’s and classmates’ attention.
  • Proofread your board post. In order to ensure that your text is flawless, you may use diverse applications such as the MS Word program or others. Remember that it is worth using only the grammar and spell checker which you are aware of. Make sure to scan each sentence to be certain that your post or response is free from errors.

Formatting Peculiarities

It is clear that reading texts that are arranged neatly is much easier that those written and organized carelessly. The same can be said about the discussion board posts. When the entry is structured and formatted appropriately, it is easier for readers to get the key message and understand the fundamental points of the topic raised in the post.

So, you have to format your discussion board post appropriately to make it readable and comprehensible. It is important to follow general formatting rules and the instructions given by your professor. For example, you have to apply single spacing and Times New Roman 12-point font size if it is stated in your directions. Bear in mind that the board for writing online is not the place where one can show their creativity in terms of formatting.

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Citing Discussion Entries

When creating posts for online forums, students often use the material taken from different websites. However, if you have managed to find the required data online, the plagiarism software ran by your professor can also detect the web resources you have browsed. Therefore, in order not to be accused of plagiarism, you need to cite the sources which you have taken information from correctly.

Discussion board posts as well as other pieces of writing can be formatted in different citation styles, i.e. APA, MLA, Chicago, and others. So, make sure that your text or a response provided on an online board is arranged accordingly.

If you need to cite an e-book in APA or MLA, then the following items have to mentioned:

Citing an e-book in APA

Citing an e-book in MLA

Author(s). The surname has to be followed by first initials.

Author’s Last Name, First Name.

Year of publication (in round brackets).

Title of a book (italicized): Subtitle of a book (if any).

The title of an e-book (in italics).

Editing if provided and is not first edition (put a comma after it)

Edition (in round brackets), if other than first.

Publisher (the name if often presented in a shortened version) (put a comma after it)


Year of publication (put a period after it)

DOI. It is necessary to include a DOI for all sources that have one, regardless of the version used, i.e. online or print.

Name of a library database the book was taken from (italicized with a comma after it)

The first line of each citation is to be adjusted to the left. Every subsequent line should be indented 5-7 spaces.

DOI or URL (put a period after it)

When it goes about in-text citations in your entry, you need to include the author’s Surname and the year of publication presented in round brackets. For example, (Moris, 2018). If it goes about a direct quote, you need to include the author’s surname, year of publication, and a page number, e.g. (Moris, 2018, p. 27)

When it goes about in-text citations included in your post, you need to include the author’s Last Name and a page number. For example, (Moris 25).


If you don’t differentiate between the citation styles or find it hard to remember all the rules that have to be followed when making citations, ask us for help with discussion formatting. We have the experts who are fully aware of the specifics of different citation styles and can assist you in making your board post corresponding to the specifications laid down by your professor.

Answer the Questions

It does not mean that the work is done once you publish your entry. You have to be ready to respond to the questions about your text posed by your classmates. Additionally, you should monitor and comment on your classmates’ posts as well. Do not break off the discussion until it is finished. Take an active part in the dialogue. Read the texts created by other students and broaden your knowledge. Become a superior writing expert today!

Discussion Board Post Writing Help from a Reliable Service

Writing a discussion board post may be rather challenging since such an assignment differs from a typical essay, research paper, or any other piece of writing which students have to complete. Being required to create board posts, many students feel at a loss since they do not even imagine how some topic can be illustrated within a relatively short passage. Apart from being informative, the discussion post has to be engaging and meaningful. So, how to succeed if you do not have a clue about how to write a discussion post? And if to add the lack time and general fatigue caused by a considerable number of assignments, it seems that there is no way out of such a situation. However, that’s not true! You can buy discussion board posts from

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How to Buy a Discussion Board Post from Us

To get writing help from our team, you just need to place your do my discussion order on our website. Below, there is a short list of steps that should be taken to get your assignment completed the way you want. Thus:

  1. Complete the online form for making orders. Fill out all the obligatory sections. Impose a due date, number of words, citation style, spacing, etc. If any extra files related to your assignment are available, attach them to the form.
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