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Applicant tracking software, social media, and current hiring practices – these things have changed what a professional resume looks like today. It is much more than a document featuring your skills, education, and employment history; it is now a robust document tailored to match an employer’s unique expectations. That said, professional resume writing services remain one of the most effective solutions for those who don’t keep track of how the resume and job search approach have changed over the last couple of years.

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Why Professional Resume Writing Service?

At PrimeWritings, we believe anyone can write their own resume. Unfortunately, rarely job seekers can make sure their resumes achieve its main purpose – land interview invitations and help to get job offers. As we have said before, an effective resume is more than just your career history (anyone can list that, right?) – it is a comprehensive and coherent story customized for specific job application purposes. Many people write resumes for self-gratification purposes, they like to re-read the document multiple times to see how good they are. The problem with such an approach is that it is highly ineffective when it comes to landing interviews.’s professional resume writing service is called to help job seekers of all levels to create resumes and other supporting documents that actually result in interviews and job offers. We are extremely results-oriented and we will not relent until you achieve your career goal. Here are a couple of reasons why using a professional writing service is a good idea:

  1. Professional resume writing services hire career experts and experienced writers who know how to perfectly outline one’s skills and highlight strengths in a concise yet powerful manner.
  2. Companies like this usually collaborate with HR professionals to keep abreast of the latest hiring practices – this helps to make sure your resumes will get read.
  3. Any professional resume writing service has additional editors who serve as a second pair of eyes to make sure your resumes are flawless.
  4. They know how applicant tracking software works (in fact, some services run it themselves). This helps them prepare a resume that contains relevant keywords which is vital for passing an ATS scan.
  5. Most professional resume writing services are happy to collaborate with their clients. This means you will have control over the writing process and can coordinate with your assigned writer to receive the document that you want.

Why PrimeWritings Is the Best Resume Writing Service among So Many Agencies?

It is a legitimate question. There are so many online resume writing services after all. 99% of them claim to be run by certified resume writers and career experts and about the same percentage guarantees a powerful resume as an end product. Why in the world is PrimeWritings the best resume writing service out there?

Best Value

PrimeWritings has a network of a couple of hundred professional writers coming from 50+ industries. Many of them have an HR background allowing them to craft stellar resumes tailored to pass ATS scans and attract the attention of the hiring authorities. You can choose from multiple resume services (writing, editing, packages, etc.) depending on what you need. All orders are matched with resume writers who have experience with your industry so your paper will be customized to what your employers are looking for.

Best Satisfaction Guarantee

The great thing is that your paper can be delivered in just 24 hours. This is perfect for people who need a resume to make it till the deadline submission. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee which means that if you are not happy with the end product, you can have it fixed for no extra fee.  At PrimeWritings, your assigned writer will work with you until you are happy with your resume.

Most Versatile

In addition to standard resume writing service, we offer cover letter writing and thank you letter writing. Also, you can order one of the packages: a) resume + cover letter b) resume + cover letter + thank you letter c) resume +CV d) CV writing service. Lastly, we have resume editing service if you need minor changes (i.e. incorporate a couple of new jobs, update your resume style, etc.)

How to Order a Resume

  • Place an order and provide broad guidelines.

  • Pay for your order, and we will start working on it immediately.

  • The assigned writer will analyze the provided material thoroughly.

  • Your resume will include accurate data and present your personality effectively.

  • If you have any questions, contact our support agents.

  • Receive a superior resume.

Best for Executives

If you are an executive, PrimeWritings is the best choice. This type of writing requires specific experience and expertise – only certified writers can help C-level professionals complete their next career move. At PrimeWritings, we have a couple of professional writers who are focused on serving executive clients only, thus ensuring top-notch services for C-level job seekers.

Who Is on Our Resume Help Team?

The core of our resume help team is professional writers. They make our service special for job seekers. We have diligently selected our writers and are confident that each of them can deliver a resume that will help job seekers land interviews and eventually get job offers. As we have mentioned before, we collaborate with 300 writers covering 56 industries. This allows us to effectively provide resume help to job seekers in almost any industry.

However, our resume help team is not limited to writers alone. There are other team members that make things happen at – resume editors. They make sure that our clients receive error-free documents. These people show up at the second stage of our resume writing process. As soon as your assigned writer completes the rough draft, they send it to a resume editor for assessment. From there, it is a two-way collaboration process resulting in a perfect end product.

Additionally, we have a team of support agents and admins who are there to help you anytime. Our live agents are available 24/7 via email, chat or by phone. You can contact us anytime if you have any questions or you have any issues with our service (including technical ones). Our admins monitor the orders and ensure the system functions properly.

This makes a perfect team created to assist our clients to overcome their career challenges with no hassle. And while we know there are some problems that can happen, we are fully committed to resolving them immediately.

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How Does Our Online Resume Service Work?

If you never used online resume services, it shouldn’t be a problem. We have simplified the process to the extent that even not experienced users will be able to understand how everything works intuitively. You only need to make a couple of clicks to get rid of all resume writing headaches.

Step 1. Go to our order page and fill out the form providing us with important information about your past experiences. Please upload your old resume if you have one – it will help us a great deal.

Step 2. Proceed to payment. Our policy is that we don’t start working on a paper unless it is fully paid. Also, we do not release the money to resume writers unless their work is approved by the clients.

Step 3. Oversee the writing process. Or simply ignore it. It is up to you totally. After you provide us all the necessary information and make the payment, the assigned writer will start working on your paper. You can communicate with your writer via our messaging system. It is up to you how much you want to be involved in the process. Our resume service allows you to direct your writer as well as relax and wait for the rough draft.

Step 4. Review the rough draft. Once you receive the draft, you can either approve it or ask your writer to revise the document. We will be revising the draft until you are happy with our end product (no additional fee needed here).

So it just takes 4 steps for our online service to provide you with the document that will help you get your foot in the interview doors.

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Affordable Resume Writing Service with Discounts

There is one thing we forgot to mention when listing the reasons why PrimeWritings is the best resume writing service – we never mentioned our pricing policy. With little money to spend while unemployed, PrimeWritings’s resume writing service is a perfect solution for job seekers who count every penny.

With our company, you can get a resume makeover for as cheap as $55 for a 5-day turnaround if you choose resume editing service and $77 if you go with a resume writing service. Now, this can still be a lot of money to pay for one or two pages but if you compare this rate to other companies, you will quickly realize that PrimeWritings is an affordable resume writing service offering high-quality end product for a reasonable amount of money. With prices as high as $300 or even $400 per resume, PrimeWritings is one of the best solutions online.

Besides, our cheap writing service often offers discounts. If you surf through the website, it is quite likely that you will find 5%, 10%, 15% and even 20% discount codes. Additionally, there are seasonal discounts (Black Friday, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, etc.). So if you take into account all factors, our resume writing services cost very little when compared to other services. More importantly, we don’t compromise on quality, only on the amount of money we earn.

What If I Am not Happy with My Professional Resume Writer?

It is highly unlikely that you will not be happy with your professional resume writer because we select only those that match our criteria. Trust us, it is not easy to start working as a resume writer at We usually don’t post jobs of this kind online; instead, we look for professionals through referrals and professional memberships. This takes much more time but ensures a better outcome. But let’s just imagine that despite all you are not happy with how your writer does their job. What are the options?

  1. If you are not happy with the rough draft, you can ask your professional writer to revise the paper accordingly. It is our job to keep working on your paper until you are 100% satisfied with your application document.
  2. If you are not happy with your writer along the process, you can always request to change the writer. Although this doesn’t usually happen this is still an option if you don’t like the writer’s style of work.
  3. If you don’t like what your writer does, you can also request a refund. All you have to do is to send us an email explaining why you want your money back. Our QA department will review everything and reimburse the funds if applicable according to our terms and conditions.

But just to show you that this is very unlikely, we decided to share the sample resume. This way you can set your expectations by seeing what kind of documents our professional writers deliver.

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Resume Makeover Sample

Packages: Resume and Cover Letter Writing Services

Resume and cover letter writing services are meant to rid you of all application rigmarole that may await you. The thing is that many employers require a cover letter to be sent in addition to a resume. This means that job seekers have to take care of another application document. In fact, very often employers read a cover letter prior to switching to a resume. In some cases, they wouldn’t even read a resume if a cover letter is absent or it is very generic/low quality.

PrimeWritings offers resumes and cover letter writing services that come as a package. It is cheaper to order the package than to order two documents separately. Additionally, we also offer resume + cover letter + thank you letter services that allow our clients to stand out against the competition by sending a thank you note after an interview. Testimonials

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