Human vs. AI: Why It Is Too Early to Use AI Writing

The topic of AI writing is on the rise these days. The release of ChatGPT triggered changes in how people viewed their industries and did their jobs. Students are not an exception. For them, AI writing tools seem to be an opportunity to improve their performance, decrease their workload, and manage their studies more efficiently. But can they really trust AI essay writers with their grades? The research shows that despite the fact that AI can do amazing things thanks to machine learning, the results that it produces are nowhere near high-quality human writing. Let us have a closer look at how AI can be used and when relying on it might be a very bad idea. Then, you may decide for yourself who wins the battle between human writers and machines. 

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AI Writing Tools Explained

AI content writing tools are pieces of software that can produce texts that are similar to those written by humans. These tools are powered by artificial intelligence, which is based on natural language processing models and trained thanks to machine learning. Typically, AI writers have a very simple interface and are easy to use. A user just has to insert a prompt, and it seems like some sort of sci-fi magic begins. The software analyzes the input, looks for relevant information, and creates the needed content. In this way, AI writers can produce all kinds of content, including blog posts, ads, social media posts, summaries, essays, etc. What is particularly great about AI writing assistants is that they generate content at lightning speed, with good grammar, and a consistent style. 

Why AI Writers Are Trending with Students

Many people from the content writing industry are using AI writing on a daily basis to create digital copy, blog posts, social media content, and product descriptions. Students do not lag behind and start using AI essay writers to deal with their workload too. And there is a range of benefits that AI writing tools offer to them:

  • They are fast. AI can generate a lot of usable content in seconds, which is an amazing feature for students. When the deadline is short (which is almost always!) and a student has not started with the task on time (which is almost always!), AI is of great help.
  • They save time. An AI writing tool can reduce the time that a student spends on the research of a topic. Services like ChatGPT can be good AI writing assistants and help with brainstorming, creating an outline, and drafting an essay. They do not deliver a ready-to-use piece, but their output is a great start.
  • They write objectively and clearly. AI does not have an opinion and simply synthesizes facts. More so, it is capable of presenting information in a structured, organized, and clear manner. It is helpful in academic assignments.
  • They are easy to use. Typically, AI writing services have a simple and intuitive interface. One just copies and pastes a task and shares a draft of an essay to any device or software for further processing.

Despite all these awesome features of AI, students should not forget that AI tools for writing essays are just tools. They help to deal with writing assignments, but they do not complete tasks instead of a user. A student needs to do much additional work with the piece that AI delivers, and it requires a decent level of writing skills. 

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The Key Drawbacks of AI Writing

These days, AI content creation tools are capable of things that humans could not imagine a machine could do a few years back. Nevertheless, their current level of writing abilities is far from being perfect or comparable to those of humans. Let us dig deeper into why AI writing software is yet to get better in order to replace human writers, especially professional ones. 

  • No Original Thinking

    AI writing tools can help a person to come up with some ideas, but they are not able to create ideas on their own. Whichever output they provide, it is based on the analysis and synthesis of data to which they have access. AI might be helpful if you need to find some bits of information fast, but it will not create anything new for you. 

  • No Ready-to-Use Product

    If you hire human essay writers, you give them a task and forget about it for the time being. With AI, it does not work this way. AI requires human participation throughout the process. Using AI, students need to provide the prompt, rectify it to get more accurate results, verify information, create additional paragraphs, revise, take care of formatting, check sources, etc. And all of these take time, effort, and skills. In other words, with AI, there is no possibility to fully delegate an assignment. 

  • The Risk of Plagiarism

    AI is not yet able to deal with sources well enough. Some of these tools are not capable of providing references, while others do not do citations correctly. Some tools use content from sources without giving credit to real authors at all, which is a huge red flag in academic writing. Besides, software that detects AI-generated content gets spread fast. So, using AI writing is risky and might lead to unpleasant consequences. 

  • No Emotional Capacity

    AI writing software is not able to feel emotions. Neither does it have senses. It impairs the capability of the machine to produce engaging and touching stories, make up hilarious jokes, or reflect on personal experiences. While AI can collect and arrange information, it cannot write a story. When AI writes a funny joke, you will know that this technology has reached a whole new level of its development. 

  • No Understanding of How Culture and Society Work

    Content writing tools are trained using written content created by humans. That is why they can produce something similar to human writing. But writing is by far not the only way for people to communicate and convey information. Much of what people know is not available in writing. Some knowledge comes with the understanding of social and cultural context, and AI is not aware of it. It might lead to wrong, biased, or unauthentic writing. 

  • No Critical Thinking Abilities

    Not a single AI essay generator has the ability to critically evaluate information or sources. For example, ChatGPT produces texts based on probability, and not based on the accuracy of data or thanks to its sound judgment. As a result, completely wrong or even made-up information, as well as sources of poor quality, might end up in your essay. In other words, all data in AI-generated papers should be double-checked and verified. 

  • Formatting Issues

    There are AI writing tools that can work with references and citations. Some of them can also apply APA or MLA. But there is no AI writing tool that would do it correctly. Generated essays almost always have issues with formatting, misplaced or missing citations, poor-quality sources, etc. AI lacks the capacity to recognize cited text or sound judgment to deal with sources. That is why only human writers can provide correct formatting for now. 

Limitations of AI for Professional Use

AI content writing tools are used not only for essays but also for professional purposes. Companies that depend on content find AI very helpful because it streamlines the writing process and saves a lot of time. But AI article writing for marketing does not always work because of:

  • Robotic and non-creative style.
  • Lack of differentiation from competitors.
  • No clarity in decision-making done by an algorithm.
  • Privacy concerns when user data is involved.
  • The impersonal tone of voice and lack of human touch.
  • The need for constant human oversight and involvement.

Again, while content creation tools can be used by professionals, they should be treated as assistants, and not like a replacement for a human writer. For now, human-generated content is a king, and clients of any business would eventually notice when AI speaks to them.

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Why Hire a Professional Essay Writer Instead of AI

Academic writing assignments come in various forms and shapes. Content writing tools can probably deal with a fraction of them at a truly high level. The rest of the tasks will be a tough nut to crack for them, especially if a task requires creativity, critical thinking, in-depth research of a topic, or problem-solving. Although AI writing has reached levels of quality unseen before, it is not yet capable of creating nuanced and profound pieces. 

Moreover, AI essay writing does not offer a student a product that can be readily used. One would have to do a lot of additional work to ensure their paper meets the requirements. It is likely to involve the verification of data and sources, writing additional paragraphs, heavy editing or rewriting, formatting, etc. All these processes demand writing skills, a great understanding of a topic, and much time and energy. In other words, AI essay writers remain to be research and brainstorming assistants rather than real writers. 

If you, however, look for full-fledged writing help, hiring human essay writers is the only way out for now. By ordering custom papers, you do save time and receive content that can be used right away in class or at work. Fortunately, there are great places to hire professional essay writers, and is one of them.

How to Choose a Reliable Custom Writing Service with Pro Writers

There is a huge number of companies offering professional essay writing service, but not all of them should be trusted. Some agencies might be not what they pretend to be. In order to choose a trustworthy and reliable essay writing service, we recommend you to:

  • Examine the website. A legit writing company will have a nice website that looks good and works well. There should be clear descriptions of services, rates, terms of use, experts, and privacy policy. There should be valid contact details too and a support team for mitigating issues.
  • Study the team. The information about writers should be available. You want to be sure that your paper is composed by someone with a relevant degree and qualifications, great knowledge of English, and experience in providing custom writing service.
  • Check out the reviews. Study the first-hand experience of other customers with this writing company. Their impressions will help you to decide whether the cooperation with this agency could work out for you.
  • Look for guarantees. If a company takes care of the quality of its work and makes effort to hire professional essay writers, it will give quality guarantees. It should offer a free revision, guarantee on-time delivery and original content, have a clear refund policy, and ensure confidentiality for its customers. 

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Why You Should Prefer to Use Human-Generated Content

AI writing is lacking in many ways if compared to human writing. AI usually writes quite superficial content that lacks a human touch. It never contains personal perspectives or examples from personal experiences. Neither do AI writers truly understand the audience and have abilities to connect and engage with it. Human writing, however, stands out thanks to:


Human writers or content creators possess the magic of emotions. They can use strong metaphors and analogies, draft touching stories that can make one cry or laugh out loud, trigger senses, etc. It allows connecting with a reader, persuading them more easily, and creating a lasting impression about the text.

Tone of Voice

AI essay writing is easy to recognize thanks to the distinctly robotic and straightforward presentation of data. And human essay writers are a lot more flexible and can adapt their style and tone of voice to the assignment or the purpose that the text needs to fulfill.


If you ask AI to write some paper, you should be ready that it has as much knowledge about it as you give it. And professional essay writers are aware of academic standards, best practices in the discipline, the latest trends in the field, etc. They have knowledge and experience that not a single AI can have.


AI is good at researching and synthesizing text based on predictions, and that is basically it. It is not capable of rational decision-making, solving problems, evaluating something critically, establishing cause-and-effect relations, etc. It substantially impairs its ability to create versatile content. On the other hand, human authors have a much wider range of tools and skills that they apply to create written content.

Advantages of Hiring Experts at

If you choose to hire a writer from a reliable writing company like, you can be sure to receive exactly what you need without wasting your time on the task. You place an order, send us the instruction, and an expert does the rest. The assigned writer will be qualified in your discipline, have extensive experience, and know how to help you. Moreover, our essay writing service guarantees: 

  • Individual Approach

We take time and make effort to fully understand a customer’s need and might ask for clarifications or preferences regarding content. Then, an assigned expert creates a piece from scratch in strict compliance with the guidelines. The paper will look and sound the way you want it. 

  • Original Content reassures that every piece our team creates is completely original, which is crucial in academic writing. We guarantee that the paper will pass a scan for plagiarism with special software and can prove it by checking it upon a customer’s request.

  • Proper Use of Sources

Proper use of sources. Our teammates do research through sources for each assignment according to the needs. We use reliable, up-to-date, and reputable sources only, and not just the first search results on the web. We verify the quality of data and critically evaluate all potential references. In such a way, guarantees that your academic paper will contain only accurate information.

  • Formatting without Errors

In academic writing, formatting contributes a lot to the overall assessment of the task. Our team will ensure that your paper meets all the standards and demonstrates skills in using APA, MLA, Chicago, or any other formatting style. We will pay attention to the slightest detail so that your paper not only sounds but also looks perfect. 

  • SEO-Friendly Content

SEO content creation tools are popular with marketers but do not always deliver the needed results. Our team can help you improve the available content or create some from scratch. You will then receive an optimized piece with the required keywords and their density. It will be ranked high and perceived well by search engines. 

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Hiring Professional Writers Is the Best Option There Is

AI can do incredible things when it comes to writing, but it is not capable of replacing people yet. For now, professional writers are the only way to get content that is correct, fully original, and safe to use in class or at work. Only human authors can do research that is deep enough and guarantee that a piece meets the requirements. So, if you are not ready to spend time fixing AI-generated content, use a custom writing service from Our writing experts will deliver the result that you need to feel confident about your performance. You will receive a well-organized, properly structured, accurate, and coherent paper however complex or long it is. You will experience an individual approach and top-level customer service with us. Testimonials

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