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Violence in the Media

There are a lot of situations when we watch television and witness people fighting or killing one another. The media has countless violence, because violence sells. The big debate has been whether violence in the media is to blame for the rising violence in the country (Media Awareness Network). This essay will briefly discuss the issue of whether the media is responsible for real life violence and the paper’s position is that exposure to violence in the media cannot be wholly blamed, it is responsible only for some forms of violence.

Many of today’s shows contain some sort of violence in them. TV series like 24 contain several violent scenes with dead bodies and blood. The media portrays violence s one of those things that are exciting for humans. When humans visualize violent acts, they sometimes try to imitate them. Researchers have indicated that introduction of television results to increased homicide rates in different societies (AAFP Policies).

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Violence among the youth is a combination of many things. The Internet and video games contain what kids desire, ant it is violence. At one point of their lives, the youth (especially boys) will want to know something about violence. According to research by Ybarra (2008), out of the 5% of youth who are engaged in serious violent behavior, 38% reported exposure to violence online. The report further says that exposure to violence in the media is associated with the rise of some crime forms (Ybarra, et al., 2008).

From my own experience, I have realized that teennagers will try to experiment violent behaviors they see in the media. I have seen and studied my small brother’s behavior. He is an aggressive kid. He will try to experiment with violent behavior he watches on TV, constructing small bombs and setting them out in our house. He has his station where he says he wants to launch his ‘rocket’ and he experiments with fireworks. He has a toy gun to fend off any person who will interrupt his ‘work.’ I guess soon he will want to be Jack Bauer of the series 24, whom he says is his hero.

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I always feel that although media contributes to altering people’s behavior, violence by the youth is a combination of many factors and, not just the media. Blaming media and video games for violent behavior among kids is not enough, the way the kids are raised plays its role as well.

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