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System Implementation Issues

New equipment is bought as well as new procedures advanced. The benefits are only realized once individuals are able and willing to use them. It is somewhat easy to change your technology or to generate innovative business practices, but the challenging part in any conversion initiative is the people. "Changing people's attitudes and behaviors is the greatest challenge in implementing new software systems, and one that can be easily overlooked" (Intelera, n.d). Not considering the human element of system implementation can result in increased expenses and reduced efficiency through sub-optimal performance, additional mistakes besides extended implementation periods. However, the greatest cost to an organization is failure to implement the technology at all Considering the exceptions Steve noted, PSC did a good job selecting, installing, and implementing the new system.

PSC could have avoided the problem of the missing features by insisting to see them installed before signing the deal to purchase the program with DSM. Alternatively, PSC could have demanded that the features be fixed before installation was done.

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To guarantee that adjustment is accepted, workers' attitudes must be influenced. One approach to guaranteeing the reliable usage of an application is to make sure each person has the basic know-how. Having the required expertise directly effects the positive implementation of the application.

I approve Steve's analysis. Wu (2010) enumerates the common ways and means used for evaluatting economic feasibility of project and its options as: present worth method, net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR), annual cost, payback period, capitalized cost method, percentage return and benefit or cost ratio. Steve and Mike took into consideration most of these methods. Using the new multi-box shipping approach PSC's customers could easily defraud PSC by conspiring among themselves to claim some goods have not been delivered.

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Lastly, on a scale of 1 to 3, with 1 being the best, the service that PSC received from DSM would rate on scale 2. The service could have been better had DSM told Steve that the required features would not be in place by the time of delivery. In other words, DSM should be honest with their customers.

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