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Supernatural Powers and Revelations

Supernatural powers are abilities beyond abilities one holds to be natural. These abilities cannot be explained by natural laws of the universe. A supernatural revelation is a communication linking a human being with a deity or a supernatural being. Most religious societies claim to function in a supernatural realm. That is, transcending sense experiences and hence mystifying. The religions not only believe in supernatural revelations, but have their fundamental beliefs anchored on them. E.g., Catholics hold that apostle john wrote the Book of Revelation while being supernaturally communicated to by God. To be able to have supernatural revelations is to have supernatural power.

Those who penetrate these supernatural realms, or claim to, do so to achieve personal clout, or want to use their supposed contacts with imperceptible realities to heal the suffering and bring insights for individuals who desire to understand the metaphysical realities (Fisher, 471). There has existed individuals that felt, or claimed so, that they are getting revelations from spiritual or divine powers. Some of these individuals, e.g. Muhammad, have come to found a major religion after convincing others that their revelations are true. Supernatural powers and revelations claims continue to be made today with a great number of people claiming to feel that they are channels" for supernatural wisdom.

Complicated by the absence of universal agreement about what "natural" is, and the confines of naturalism, concepts in supernatural domain are not without opponents. The opponents opine that there can be natural or scientific accounts for what is perceived as the supernatural. For them, some happenings, once considered supernatural, can be scientifically explained today. To them, these events happen in accordance to a set of principles outside known physics. The "supernatural" is only a word for natural events those sciences has not yet comprehend, parallel to how sound used to be, mystery.

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