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Motivation Theory

For a long time, businesses have strived to win many customers and earn a lot of profit based on the various needs of mankind. Due to the limited resources available, an individual is challenged to make a decision on what to have and what to forgo. Many people still believe that it is through business that they are able to get money in order to meet some of their needs. As a result, many people have ventured into the business with an aim of earning profit. However, the success of any business depends on its ability to make viable decisions that will keep it moving for a long time. All managers and everybody involved in a business should be able to comprehend motivation theory for the development of a society. Employers should learn how to motivate workers and promote good working environment. A good understanding of the motivation theory as explained by Maslow and McClelland enables a company to know the steps it ought to take in the provision of various needs of the consumers and for its perpetual existence.

It is noted that the needs of people have remained the same despite the emergence of current issues and trends in the commercial industry. Therefore, motivation is required for the satisfaction of some basic needs such as food, shelter, and clothing. Nevertheless, not all needs can be satisfied at the same time. This is because of different levels of motivation that encourage one to look for ways on how to satisfy them. In business set up, the leaders should be able to make wise decisions that will influence their task force to work effectively in order to meet the required demand. Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy Theory and McClelland’s Three Needs Theory helps us see the essence of motivation in an organization. Needs differ in terms of scale of preference and eventually compete for satisfaction. According to Maslow’s theory, some needs are satisfied before others while others act as motivators. For instance, one may opt to meet the physiological needs such as food and shelter before being motivated towards self-actualization needs like university education.

For an organization to do well, it should critically look at these motivation behaviors of consumers. The analysis enables a company to understand the tastes and preferences of the buyers and influence them to buy more of the product. When targeting a low-income earning population, a company should begin with offering the products that are relatively affordable. Finally, the company will be able to get a market for other goods. The satisfaction progress rocess makes the buyers to change their patterns of consumption with time and tend to go for other goods. This is because as one satisfies a lower-level need, he or she gets motivated to satisfy a higher need. Moreover, demand and supply concept should be the driving force of an organization when targeting a specific level of consumers. This theory argues that the majority of the consumers will be motivated towards satisfying physiological needs first. A company trading on IPAD 2 and Loreal Elvive Shampoo must be able to conduct feasibility study of their consumers before they reach them. In this case, the company can introduce Loreal Elvive Shampoo that will act as a motivator and to consume more of this product from the same company. With time, the company is able to understand the needs of the buyers and encourage them to buy other products.

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Motivational theories enable people to identify inward needs and are moved towards their satisfaction. Although an individual may not plan to buy a given product within a given time, availing that particular product to the consumer may motivate him or her to have it. Therefore, a company trading on IPAD 2 should reach the consumers of mobile phones and computers. These efforts aim at educating the consumers on the benefits of IPAD 2 and its efficiency as compared to the other gadgets. As a result, the consumers will be able to change their perception and buy the product. This indicates how the behavior of a person contributes greatly to the satisfaction of various needs. It is essential for a company to identify its goals and objectives and compare them with those of the consumers. The goals act as a driving force in the satisfaction of any need. Thus, the company is able to know when to release a certain good to the consumers and how to approach them on the same.

The Three Needs Motivation theory expounds on the significance of goals as a way of motivating and evaluating the behavior of people. A company ought to be very decisive in its actions. The success of the business will begin inside before taking course to the external environment. It is the mandate of the managers to ensure that the stipulated goals are met through mobilizing every employee to work hard for the realization of the dreams in place. The strategies laid should cater for the need of all people in the workplace. This move promotes a positive attitude to the business and gives it a good name. Before introducing a product in the market, adequate efforts are needed for the sensitization on its significance. This can only be achieved when the employees are ready too cooperate. Good cooperation motivates the consumers to decide on whether to buy the commodity or not. For example, the workers should join hands on informing the consumers on how to use the IPAD 2 and why it is the most convenient machine in the modern world. Healthy competition is always encouraged in a business. Therefore, the managers should put into consideration ways that will make it survive in this situation and convince the consumers to buy the product.

Most people enter business with an intention of exploiting consumers while they make a lot of money. For a business to dominate in the market, it is supposed to become famous in offering the best products ever that can enable it have a high purchasing power. Affiliation among companies is a significant tool that can be employed to motivate consumers. When a company discovers that its products are not selling out, it is recommended that it seeks assistance from other companies. Franchising can enable such a company to sell it goods and motivate the consumers. For instance, a company trading on cameras may lose market when a company producing IPAD 2 takes to the market. Combining efforts can help such a company to reach the buyers. On the other hand, a company trading on body oil lotions should also invent ways on how to cope with the demand for the new products in the market. Studies show that most consumers prefer new products in the market. However, new products normally come with their implications. A company that will educate the consumers on both the negative and the positive effects through sales promotion will definitely take dominance in the market.

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Mechanisms put by an organization in motivating its employees and the consumers will determine its future. For a company to thrive well in the business, it should be able to understand the needs of the consumers and how to influence the consumers to adapt to the dynamic changes in the commercial sector. There are many needs that an individual may want to satisfy. Therefore, the businesspeople should know how to encourage the target population to satisfy some of their wants based on the priorities. Moreover, a lot of efforts must be placed when a company introduces a new product in the market. The significance of the product and its side effects should be clearly addressed. The setting of goals and objectives enables a business enterprise to work towards becoming stable in the market by motivating its staff and influencing the behavior of the buyers it interacts with.


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