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Most of the ideas that go on in the mind depict the mental states and intentions of an individual. Externalism refers to the act of trying to link mental concepts with the reality. For example, many ideologists say that it is necessary to establish a link between beliefs and the surrounding. Those who believe in the ability of the mind deny this fact (Kallestrup 2012).

Various philosophers have challenged the externalism. To them, the environment plays no role in determining whether a certain property has a certain attribute or not. Though externalism affects the inner states, it does not change the fact that a belief exists in the mind. Externalism utilizes various experiments to affirm their thoughts (Rowlands 2003). It is argued that when two individuals are put together in an environment with one having some mental intent, it is found that some mental beliefs disappear and the effect of the surrounding is felt. According to Bridges (2006), a belief can only be justified as true after it has been involved with various instruments in the environment (Edwards 1994). They ascertain that both the social and the outside environment are required for a belief. Some other theories of externalism explain that there is a need for interaction between the natural resources and specific objects for some specific beliefs.

Bernard Silver and Woodland, who invented the barcode scanner justifies the need for externalism. It puts forward the idea that mental intention occurs only with the interaction of some other factors in the environment (Ludlow 1998). After thinking of how to ease the check out, they interacted with the environment to find a lasting solution and this led to the invention of a barcode scanner.A barcode scanner eliminates the use of paper in a store. This is because of a barcode, which is used for recording. It is crucial as it saves time and ensures minimal human errors.

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