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Children and Acute Stressors

Disasters be they natural or manmade, traumas for example tsunamis, droughts, wars, earthquakes, affect children in a big way despite the fact that their minds are not developed to critically analyze what the situation is like the way an adult can . This is because children react more responsively to images than words and these images stay in their memories longer even up to adulthood than what they have read .It is for this reason that children's books have more images than words (Bryant 2008).

An earthquake of magnitude 9.0 hit the north east area of Japan on march 11, 2011.Following in its wake were after shocks which triggered a tsunami causing devastating damages in the northeast where houses, cars, were swept away while others went up in flames especially those that were around the nuclear power plants in Fukushima Prefecture. It is also feared that the death and injury tolls will rise (Rajib 2006).

Due to this, the government has evacuated thousands of families from this place. this has led to them going to live in emergency camps and this will have a severe and long lasting effect because these Japanese children will never rust people or it will take them long to do so .They will also see the world as a very dangerous place and if this will not be dealt with now, they will carry it with them into adulthood making them unable to form meaningful relationships with others. We have to realize that amidst our well concerted efforts to save peoples lives and property, we also have to cater for these little young ones this early and try and explain to them in a language they can understand exactly what happened and reassure them that all will be well.

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A good number of these children have witnessed the earthquake and tsunami directly and there is no denying that they will in the future come across replays of this disaster in news broadcasts or in movies. Some of them have even been injured and this is enough memory for them to carry through their lives such that if not dealt with will devastate them. They will also be affected because someone close to them might have died could be their parents or relatives.

There is a shortage of manpower because the parents cannot do this as they are probably looking for their other family members and relatives and they are allso too stressed to even talk to their children because they have nothing to offer and they have no hope for the future. There is an urgent need to address these problems because its effects are going to last for weeks or even months after this trauma ends and will even disrupt the natural balance of the body and there is also the danger of nervous break downs. These children also need to be provided with places to play and forget their worries.

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You can help make a difference in the lives of these children by spreading this message to others or making a donation to the 'save the children fund' in order to help these children and their parents cope with the current disaster. They need the basic things like hygiene and educational supplies , shelter, and this will go a long way in helping to bring their lives back to normal and restore their sense of security that they have lost due to this disaster. .timely intervention is also vital to treat those who have been injured and also because they are desperate to know how to cope. Your donations, contributions and support will go a long way in the making of the lives of these great young ones.

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