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The Role of the Media

If I were the chief Editor of a popular fabrication dairy newspaper and happened to get one of my reporters have fabricated sources and making up facts I would have to take affirmative action on that reporter. This would be in order to protect my readers from getting falsified information which would be a threat to the credibility of the new paper and also against the ethics of the profession. First of all a would seek to get to the bottom of why the reporter would want to fabricate sources and facts in order to be able to handle the problem from its root by understanding the nature of such as misconduct.

I would also seek to inquire from the culprit on how long the misconduct has been in progress so that I can beable to assess the damage that has been done. I would also require other editors including myself to investigate the credibility of the previous publications by the editor in question in order to get a clue on how much wrong information has been passed to the public.

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The disciplinary measure that I would have to make would be stern since allowing a reporter like that to continue passing falsified information would make the readers to loose their trust with our publication which is bad for business. With proper consultations from my colleagues and fellow editors, I would seek to terminate the services of that reporter unless advised other wise.

Keeping a person like this in business would mean putting the news ppaper at stake since owing to its popularity a false message would get to many people and if they were to loose confidence with the news paper this would mean loosing many customers. Finally I would make an advertisement sensitizing the readers about the affected articles and apologize accordingly with assurances that it will not happen again rather than to wait for one of the leaders to realize the flaw and jeopardize our credibility.

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The media is supposed to a tool to expose truths that are hidden from the society and hence should never be a tool to misguide people as most of them rely and believe in it as a source of truth, a source of hope and any body who threats to kill all this is an enemy to the society.

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