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Management and Employee Services

This research paper investigates the literature on employee service and performance management. It examines the compensation schemes relevant to a beginning accounting employee putting into considerations the possible financial strains may be experienced by small firms while undertaking employment on this profession. Moreover, it outlines the specific incentive plans that a new employee should expect in this employment. It seeks to make it clear still that any incentives therein are awarded purely based on personal performance and gives an assurance that their personal sacrifices for the company will not go unrewarded. According to this research, a small business enterprise in the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia is keen on getting the young lady Shannon from her five year employment with an insurance firm in Boston city. This looks tricky for my small firm considering that she is moving from a more financially established company. In light of this, I give her an offer of $60,004s as her starting salary. This is alive to the fact that the recent rise in the salary scales of accountants in 2010 as various companies are currently going out of their way to attract the best talents to their firms. (Salary by Years of Experience for certification of CPA 30th November, 2011)

The starting salary offered is very realistic and may just see her accept a transfer to our firm. This is because it perfectly falls within the bracket of salary scales that fits her experience in the profession. According to the employment guideline manual updated for the year 2011, employees with Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Certification should be paid a starting salary of between $70,583 and $94,450. Although it may be arguable that the Insurance Company in Boston City would have been paying her more due to their relatively greater financial muscles, the salary could not have been much higher than this quotation. Besides, she would more gladly accept a small variation because the cost of living is much cheaper in Atlanta, Georgia as compared to Boston city. Scott D Tuxbury(2010)

Moreover, she must have been dreading the housing problem that is currently prevalent in the city of Boston. In my considered opinion, the fact that our firm offers her adequate housing in the employees’ quarters must really look very lucrative. As a matter of fact, she must be aware that the current mves to fix the Boston Housing Crisis by the Boston Housing Authority may take longer than the leaders say and that even if it is finally corrected it may not revert to the initially affordable level. This is ideally what happened in Los Angeles, California several years ago and has refused to heal till today. Being a young and focused woman that she is, Shannon may be glad to accept any terms that would see her save a significant sum of money for her personal development. Besides, the houses we are offering her have up to date lighting and heating systems as well as reliable supply of water by the County Water Board. (Salary by Years of Experience for certification of CPA 30th November, 2011)

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The company will provide an insurance plan for the young lady accountant. The Insurance Company in Boston must have been doing this anyway. However, considering the total number of employees that they have to take care of, it becomes a complex idea to define a specific insurance cover that meets an employee’s personal needs. Indeed, our company is quite alive to this fact and has got into partnership with the otherwise a new but robust Insurance Company that offers customer tailored insurance plans. This is a unique program that I’m quite certain her former employer may never get to offer because it’s currently not their policy and the company cannot change its insurance policy to suit an individual. Even if they wished to give a similar offer, it will be a tall order because they would not possibly approach a competing insurance firm for partnership. Indeed, in the wake of the increasing cost of health care, it would be quite prudent and befitting to give her such an offer that is specific to her situation. (Salary by Years of Experience for certification of CPA 30th November, 2011)

The Company will enroll her into their performance gauged cash initiative so she can also share in the success of the company. Indeed, the company’s future looks very bright considering the items that it deals in. She would reckon with the fact that the energy industry is quite very promising an industry. Moreover, the fact that the world is moving away from oil to more sustainable environmental friendly sources of energy will see a rampant growth of our eco-energy industry. Considerably, an incentive that is based on her performance and on that of the company will greatly benefit her because she certainly holds a position that define the overall performance of the commpany. Ideally, as a company that’s based on supplies and deliveries to customers the speed of the accounting hall will determine how many transactions you are able to make in a day. And the more the transactions made, the greater the profits made by the end of the month to be shared. Scott D Tuxbury(2010)

Being the young lady that she is a perfect holiday treat will really be inducing. Her former employer had several employees, a fact that practically made it impossible to give all of them such a treat. Besides, such an eventuality would have far reaching negative impacts on the operations of their firm contrary to the situation in our firm. Ideally, in a supply firm like our energy firm, it would be quite an easy task to have half of the employees to on a holiday trip for a couple of days while the normal operations still continue. (Centre for Global Development 2008). This is because we can afford to postpone the reconciliation of our stocks or go on stock taking after every three days to achieve this. Practically, this is something that an insurance firm that depends on persuasion of customers cannot attempt. Moreover, you are never sure when a bulk of claims will appear for consideration in this world of economic uncertainties. Salary by Years of Experience for certification of CPA (30th November, 2011)

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The flexibility of the firm on retirement will no doubt look very lucrative to such an ambitious woman. It is a generally accepted fact that not many companies in the world today would give sizeable retirement benefits to people below the age of fifty. However, our firm considers the personal ambitions and financial goals of the young people who would seriously consider s retirement at a tender working age of 45. In light of this, we have designed a plan that would see an employee pocket a good amount of money home after working with us only for fifteen years. This we recognize as one thing that will greatly attract a young person who may thereafter think of running their own businesses. Scott D Tuxbury(2010)

This may not be a perfect employment terms in the world. However, it must be noted that it sounds very realistic especially when it is coming from an innovative firm like ours that has invested in an area not fully exploited. That is why I consider it adequate to induce a transfer from a big insurance firm in the city of Boston. Centre for Global Development ( 2008)

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