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Custom Henry Fleming essay paper sample

Buy custom Henry Fleming essay paper cheap

Henry Fleming hails from the New York state, a teenage farm boy and he said to be the central character in the novel “The Red Badge of Courage”. He had a passion for his community, and signed up in the Union Army. He joined the Army against his mothers wish. At first, he was scared of going to the battle, but after being awarded the Red Badge, he got the courage and went. He is also known as the “youth” because he was the youngest among the people who went for war. He is said to have a different mind, all the time he was getting ready to go to battle. But the good thing with Henry Fleming is that, he never gave up, and always had some side motivation he related to some of the lessons he acquired during his life. There is a point when he is said to have had a thought of escaping the battled, but he remembered what his swimming coach told him about courage. Although he sometimes used to run away from the battle, he realized it was a worthy cause to take, for if he had not escaped, maybe he would have died with one of his comrades.

Henry Fleming did not escape the battle field completely because he wanted victory in the battle, and he did not want to be called a coward boy. He was a boy who was concerned and cared about his community, and his personal image as well.. The novel illustrates how he did not want his colleague to disclose that he had escaped from the battle field, so he decides to keep it as a secret and not make it a big deal for him when he was almost giving up in life by writing a letter to his family as a sign of death. This narrative would be told by the elderly to take in hand the younger, explaining to them that life has challenges and one has to take some perils in order to become highly regarded in the society. The story would be told to encourage the juvenile people who might have low personality in order to prompt them to take a assured challenge in life, having in mind all the available risks, but accordingly undertaking the risk.

The story can also be addressed to someone who has not made up his or her mind towards doing a certain activity or pursuing a certain course. This story has more relevance to the current youths, who are unenthusiastic and have trepidation of taking any risks in their life. As clearly demonstrated by Henry Fleming, he only accomplished reputation and admiration and rank after persevering the challenges and the risks for being in the battle fields, where he observed some of his friends die.

It was a bad day for the boy when a real wolf appeared chased the boy, and as usual the boy cried wolf! Wolf! People took no action for they were used to the boys ploy. Regrettably, the boy was attacked by the wolf, and killed. Although the boy died, people lamented their neglect to his cry, but they said it was his jokes that they did not help him. The boy died after being attacked by the wolf. My view is, when you keep craving about having or encountering something, it will surely happen to you one day. No matter how bad or good ones wish or dream is, one day it will come to be a reality. The boy always cried wolf was following him, and after sometime it appeared to him. In addition, in another perspective, it can also be interpreted that, it is always good to tell the truth. Also when you keep wishing about having or encountering something, it will surely happen to you one day. No matter how bad or good ones wish or dream is, one day it will come to be a reality. The boy always cried wolf was following him, and after sometime it appeared to him. In addition, in another perspective, it can also be interpreted that, it is always good to tell the truth.The boy, who cried wolf By Vladimir Nabokov, is one of acknowledged most excellent selling critique, with affluent profound prose. It is claimed to be the genesis of literature, and exemplifies the need to face life in realism. The novel illustrates a boy who runs home crying wolf! Wolf! And in real sense there is no wolf. The insinuation of the story is to engage trick and express the significance that literature has focused trick.  The story delineates the aspect of imagination, as available in any figurative speech, which leads the reader or the listener to get carried with imagination. This happens for a period of time, till the reader misses the reality when it downs. As depicted in the Vladimir Nabokov novel, the boy used to go home crying wolf, until people got used to his story.

Bottom line is, if only the boy kept his mouth shut, and only said the truth when the wolf appears, people would not have assumed him, and they would have rescued him.  This story has a moral lesson that it is good to always say the truth, and people will always take you seriously. Alternatively, one should always have a positive wish towards his or her life. In other words, life gives back what one asks for. The boy kept calling wolf, and eventually he was killed by a wolf. This story can be directed to the young generation who turn deaf ear to the elders, and end up telling a lie to fit in their needs. The teenagers lie to the elders in order to get what they want, without taking into consideration the consequences of their lie. The story can also be told to those people who are less privileged in the society, for it is these people who have uncivilized wishes for themselves. Always have a positive wish, and do not make false alarms. It is important that the truth is spoken and people to take seriously what is expected of them. In the modern society, where lies are flying everywhere and people continue to seek for ways to outshine others it is very important that people are honest else they will never be taken seriously. It should come to them as a lesson that in life, one needs to have a positive vision. 

Buy custom Henry Fleming essay paper cheap

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