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Out of Africa and into Iowa

In this article, Down expresses concern over Newt Gingrich’s mind which is presented as lacking consistence in the expression of ideas through his literary works. She defines his ideas as promiscuous because the previous works written by Gingrich conflict in so many ways.

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Gingrich is described as a thinker who is not serious due to the flaws realized in his writings. For instance, Down says, “Newt Swims easily in a sea of duality and byzantine ideas that don’t add up” (par. 6). His ideas about colonialism are thought to set a lot of confusion. Down says that Newt sees colonialism as a complex thing with both good and bad effects instead o a terrible occurrence with collateral benefits.

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The big deal in this article is about president Obama who is alleged to have shown little attention to climate matters and the issues of environment in the past. However, Obama’s recent decision to support E.P.A. administrator, Lisa Jackson and Ray LaHood, the transportation department secretary in the deal with automakers based in the US which will double total fleet average by U.S. automakers to 54.5 miles per gallon is a much welcome effort by the author.

Generally, the author focuses on the positive trend that Obama has taken in promoting the protection of environment by supporting such projects that will lead to lesser emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. This is aimed at attaining a safe and clean environment.

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