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If I Were Bill Gate

My life seems to be most of the time fighting an uphill battle against an invisible force that frequently speaks to me: “You can’t be what you want to be. You can’t have what you want”. But now, I have a chance to side-step this force to enter a playing field where God gives me a short time of 24 hours to be someone in my dream world, releasing all my apparent frustrations.

Time 00:01 - I am now Bill Gate. My life and feelings now become vastly different as I am eating the fruits of unmatchable successes. Before I am him, I want to become a genius in my field of computer innovation. But I lack the brain to make this desire come true. I like to be Bill Gate because now I materialize this desire. - Before I am him, I dream of being popular in an international scale and establishing friendship with top leaders of the world; I like to know how top brains really think. But I lack the social and genetic background to become what I want to be. I like to be Bill Gate because now I can enjoy communicating freely with the world’s best and top brains. - Before I am him, I dream of living in a beautiful and luxurious villa, driving the most expensive car on the road, and having all other nice things in the world that only money can buy; but my limited little brain structure does not help me to convert my visions into reality. I like to be Bill Gate because now I am so wealthy that I could freely indulge in all these material phenomena. Also, before I cannot help the poor and the needy with material resources, now I can stretch out my hands far and wide to generously help people in need. I am feeling more than on top of the world! … It is time 24:00.

Time 00:00. 24 hours have passed. Suddenly, I am brought back to reality and my virtual world disappears! Which feelings must I cherish and retain, feelings developed from the real world or feelings generated from my virtual world? I think in facing and cushioning the hard stern facts of life, I might try to experience the feelings generated from the virtual world as though they are derived directly from the real world.

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