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Drinking Water

Drinking water with arsenic is a real health hazard as it exposes an individual to cancer. Every government has a responsibility to ensure that the citizens gain access to healthy drinking water. Therefore, a society should not consume water that has 1 in 100 chances of cancer, in the knowledge of the government. The question of whether it is ethical to expose consumers of water, which is every other person, to poison that is not in their knowledge is quite complex. Taking Bangladesh as an example, one establishes that most of the population has no access to other sources of water. While the ethical issue might sound plausible, it is difficult to consider it. It is not enough and, to some extent, not important to inform water consumers of the risks involved. What is important, instead, is the exploration of other sources of water that is arsenic-free (Sos-arsenic, 2007).

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Now, neither my parents nor friends can understand the implications of 1 in 100 risks of cancer that is associated with arsenic-contaminated water. Furthermore, some of my friends smoke regardless of the fact that this habit is also associated with cancer. In India and Bangladesh, a solution to the millions of people consuming arsenic water seems to have been found – shallow wells in green regions are producing arsenic-free water. In addition, their drilling cost is very low (Sos-arsenic, 2007). It is the responsibility of humanity to help people in such problems in any means possible. Although some of the money used to dig the wells that now have arsenic-free water came from the same people who are trying to solve this problem, it is still essential. In fact, it helps to change the picture.

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