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Civil War 1861

Civil War 1861 occurred in the United States of America. The battle erupted immediately after Abraham Lincoln was elected as the president of the U.S. It was a very violent war that claimed 620,000 soldiers and many uncounted civilians. According to Huddleston, it is one of the most fatal wars in the American history. The hostility involved the use of heavy and sophisticated machines and guns. This essay explores on Civil War 1861 while considering its causes, Missouri compromise, Kansas Cession and the views of Lincoln on slavery.

Slavery was the main cause of war. It is the situation where people are sold and forced to work against their will. America had two factions which arose from the two main political parties from the north and south. Republicans from the North wanted slavery to be abolished while the Democrats from the South fought to maintain it. The latter group threatened to separate from the union if Abraham Lincoln won the election because he was a Republican. The war was further triggered by his speech when he called America to arrest slavery and put it to extinction. There are several arguments on slavery.

The three-fifth compromie illustrates slavery. It led to the invention of cotton gin of 1793. The supreme argument was about the African slave trade. This negotiation wanted to preserve the trade of slaves. They then called for a twenty year extension of slavery. Eli Whitney says that during this time the amount of cotton processed daily was increased by fifty percent. In this regard, the demand for slaves greatly increased in the South. This view is seen to accommodate and campaign for slavery. It was mainly perpetrated by the Democrats.

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Missouri Compromise of the 1820s also emerged. This was a controversy which started because of the Missouri state. Some people wanted the state to be included as a slavery province. This prompted two major arguments in the Congress. A bill was put across to postpone the conversation that was aimed at ending slavery from 1835 to 1844. At the same time another argument urged them to form and maintain other regions where the sale of people might further develop. This concept mainly promoted slavery rather than stopped it.

Kansas-Nebraska Act was then passed in 1854. The agreement was made by the law makers in order to counteract the Missouri Compromise. Kansas gave peoplle the liberty of decision on slavery that gave people an opportunity to vote for or against it in their regions. That is to say that it was meant to determine the outcome of the sale of people in the county of Kansas. The method was later characterized by huge voting frauds which interfered with the freedom of the society. This made the Southern leaders accept Kansas as a slave state.

Lincoln-Douglas Debate of 1858 has hinted on slavery. This led to Lecompton Controversy. This was an argument that was put across to put a stop to the concepts of Dred Scott about anti-slavery. It resulted in the division of the Democratic Party into North and South. John Brown incited a further split in the South when they insisted to have slave codes in the territories. This is because he had the Republic concepts that did not support slavery. This argument illustrates how strong the attachment of slavery was to the South.

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In conclusion, the Civil War was indeed a remarkable event. The discussion has vividly shown that slavery was the main cause of this war. Different views have also been given to support the truth. Slavery had to be abolished in the U.S. in order to evade other civil wars.

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