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Blog Assignment

Considering the information found on the blogs, it would be justified to conclude that Americans are mature in allowing or accommodating each other’s views. This is brought out by the leadership posts on the first and the second blogs. We also find out that their arguments are not just based on individual politics but mostly on the policies that come with the parties. This is brought out in terms of the party policies. We also discover that Americans exchange views on issues that affect their lives either directly or indirectly.

On the first second and the third blogs we find out that Americans are really concerned with the leadership of their country. While having different opinionson leadership, the bloggers share on leadership by considering various factors. Such opinions are based on which party if their candidate is to be elected will deliver the aspirations of the Americans including the bloggers.

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The blogs actually point to us the issues that affect Americans most which include: Security, health, morality, foreign relations and expenditure. Other issue of foreign relations for example, we find the bloggers, who are Americans inclined to the Republican Party on the receiving end. They are blamed for causing unnecessary wars and detentions which turn out to create bad relations between America and other countries especially The East. The democrats are accused of allowing bad social behaviors succh as Gay marriages and having soft stance towards abortion.

One of the characteristics of the above blogs is that the bloggers would not always disagree on the issues being discussed but would sometimes agree and even contribute more about the topic being discussed. For example Conor Friedersdorf who wrote on the importance of a Label is in agreement with E.D Kain over the same issue. This is in contrary to the first three bloggers.

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The blogs sites are actually a forum for learning and exchange of ideas as demonstrated by the above blogs. The bloggers use such forum in trying to change the taste of others over the discussed issues and gain knowledge on the topics being discussed.

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