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A Community Called Atonement

A Community Called Atonement” is a book that sums up the concept of atonement with the help of a golf club metaphor. The author relates theories of atonement to the golf clubs. He implies that a person would not want to use a single club on the golf course for every situation; People should not tie themselves to one way of comprehending atonement theories. There are many atonement theories that comprise a penal substitution and recapitulation among others. They are particularly crucial in giving responses to various theological questions. The author points that the understanding on how atonement solves a mischief is dependent on the  perception of a problem.

The book comprises four sections. These four parts follow after the  introductory part which determines the tone and reveals the main points. The introduction argues that atonement does not make the anticipated difference in the lives of Christians; lack of the atonement-catalyzed change is the inability to integrate atonement metaphors into a coherent whole. McKnight tries such a sacred enterprise in the other part of the book. The first part entails a discussion in which Jesus teaches about the kingdom of Heaven. The author peruses, through Luke’s acts, to explain the Lukan thread that demonstrates atonement. It is comprehended as the restitution of humanity in all faces so that they form the ecclesia.

Secondly, the author argues that each explanation is right; however, each explanation brings a different aspect of Christ’s death that others do not present candidly. The book takes a certain approach to atonement, reveals how each metaphor is concretely grounded in Scripture, and explains how Christ’s death saves us. Concisely, the death of Jesus is too immeasurable to be properly described using the only single metaphor. The author’s explanation of “cracked Eikons” in need of restoration is fabulous.

The book is written in a fairly popular and approachable way. The author uses a rich view of Scripture and Christian orientation. The book is easy to understand even by non-theologians; therefore, it is enjoyable and profiting to read the book.

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