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Workers Memorial Day

The Workers Memorial Day is a crucial day for workers all around the world. It takes place on 28 April every year (The Union for Life, 2012). It provides all workers in the world the opportunity to gather and highlight practical ways that can prevent workplace accidents, ailments and death. It campaigns for workers to form good unions expected to advocate for improved working environment in workplaces. This day is a focal point for bringing workers all over the world together to remember their fallen colleagues.  

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It was clear that during the Workers Memorial Day celebration in Latayette the message in all the speeches made by the guests highlighted the need to protect workers in their respective workplaces. In the United States alone in 2010 a total of 4547 workers had died due to injuries sustained at their workplaces. The celebration chief guest noted that about 49000 deaths in the United States result from workplace injuries suffered by employees. Due to the devastating statistics Latayette Workers Memorial Day theme articulated on the need for safer jobs that would guarantee workers safety (The Union for Life, 2012).  

The number of deaths and injuries in workplaces are preventable. This is because among the major cause of accidents in workplaces attributed to fatigue in workers. It is clear that many workers in the United States suffer from insufficient sleep.  This leads to accumulation of sleep debt in the workers. This results in serious and fatal accidents. Therefore, there is a need that all workers get enough sleeping hours. For instance, all healthy adults should sleep for 7-9 hours each day.  Injuries and death in work places can also be reduced if Occupational Safety and Health Act strategies architected to cut employees and employers’ injuries in workplaces are enforced and implemented according. This attained through proper employees training on safety needs when working and through cooperation between workplace safety enforcement officers and agencies with the organisations. 

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