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Vietnam War

It is said that the beginnings of the war were in the early twenties when a Vietnamese man who was a nationalist had joined an American university. The man later came be known as Ho Chi Minh who constantly wrote letters to the U.S presidents asking for their assistance in helping Vietnam end the French colonialism in the country. All of his letters were ignored by the presidents and never came up until the World War II began when Minh was contacted by the American military. He was told that the militaries were willing to help him in expelling the French government under condition that he would help them turn Vietnam against Japan. However, the agreement was not kept and Minh himself led the people against the French presence.

The United States ended up suffering more from the presence of France in Vietnam than the latter itself as they claimed to be fighting against communism. This was a bid to reunite the country by the use of a civil war. Western countries under the influence of President Truman led a revolution against communism that was in the form of the Soviet Union. Asia felt the effect in 1949 after communism forces in China worn the civil way. The United States feared that countries of the Southeast Asia including Vietnam would take on communism in their administration. At the time, the French were fighting rebels supporting communism in Vietnam and, in 1950, the United States started sending equipments and military aid to the French in a bid to contain communism. When France pulled out of Vietnam in 1956, the US tried to curb communism. Vietnam got divided into north and south with the south collaborating with the U.S. government. This encouraged more American military in Vietnam that led to the war.

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