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The First and the Second World War

The first and the Second World War had serious impact on several countries worldwide. These countries encompassed generally the whole world hence the name world war. These countries included the imperial Britain, Japan from the Middle East and several countries in Africa Kenya included. In Britain, the formerly flourishing economy was left in ruins as the German and its allies bombarded it with bombs and other artillery (Smith 1985).

Most of the country's resources were committed to the war cause hence leaving the citizens having to do with little or no provisions. For instance, the money that would have been used on better causes like improve education, health, infrastructure, and other important undertakings was directed to the war cause. Most of the active members of the society were involved in the war cause and his led to less productivity and left many children and their mothers without their protectors and breadwinners.

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This resulted in some children staying for up to four years without ever seeing their fathers and some of them never did. These two wars also led to Britain losing grip and the benefits it had been deriving from its colonies as they started agitating for their independence from their master. This led to several wars, which were led mostly by disgruntled war veterans who felt shortchanged. Although later Britain came to hold a sway over these countries, its influence waned. Later Britain has had to contend with its role as a sidekick of the United States of America (Smith 1985).

Japan in the Far East was one of the countries, which were affected by war very greatly. After the German forces invaded the Peearl Harbor, the United States of America had to intervene. Its city of Hiroshima was flattened and the impact of the atomic bomb which was dropped in Hiroshima continue to be felt to this day with many kids born with serious cancer oriented diseases. This has led to many people shunning the city although it had been their ancestral home. The attack also left serious sense of in adequacy on the Japanese.

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In Kenya, many Africans were conscripted into the army as soldiers hence leaving their kids destitute. Most of those who went to war never came back and those who returned found their land grabbed and their wives taken. The Second World War encouraged Kenyans to embark on the war for independence eventually gaining it in 1963. Therefore, the two world wars involved countries from all parts of the world (Smith 1985).

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