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Quit Smoking

Dimensions of health

Health is multifaceted and entails the interface of various dimensions. These include social, emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, and environmental dimension. The social dimension of heath encourages playing a part in one's human environment for the welfare of the community. It stresses on inter-dependence with others. It includes the pursuit of harmony in the family and the general society. The emotional dimension of health emphasizes a consciousness and recognition of one's feelings. It includes the degree to which one is optimistic and passionate about themselves and life. It is the ability to manage one's feelings and handle stress effectively. An emotionally healthy person recognizes a wide range of feelings in self and others. The physical dimension of health promotes cardiovascular flexibility and muscle power. It comes about through regular physical activity, use of correct food and nutrition and discourages the use of drugs such as tobacco and extreme alcohol use. It entails seeking medical care when needed and proper use of the medical system. Spiritual health on its part involves looking for sense and reason in human life. To be spiritually healthy is to have developed a profound appreciation for the intensity and vastness of life and natural forces in the cosmos. Mental dimension of health entails the absence of depression and anxiety. Lack of mental influences the value and gratification in life. The last aspect of health is the environmental dimension. It is imperative to lead a way of life that is respectful of the environment. This entails respect for nature and the species existing in it.

Why quit smoking

Smoking kills approximately 5.4 million people globally each year according the WHO. The reason why I want to quit smoking is that I have learned how lethal the addiction is. It compromises all the dimensions of wellness in various ways. Socially, a smoker might find it hard to be in harmony with the people around who do not smoke. People fear, and rightly, so, the effects of secondary smoking hence a smoker finds themselves with fellow smokers in most instances. Many people smoke against their own will. This itself is an indication of comprise on emotional well being. It shows that the smoker is not in charge with his/her feeling. Smoking also compromises one's ability to cope with stress. Smoking is detrimental to the physical health of the smoker. It causes a host of cancers to smokers. Smoking also causes blood vessel to constrict restricting blood flow, and this causes cardiovascular problems. It depletes smokers' levels of energy due to low oxygen in the bloodstream. Oxygen levels reduce when smoking, to be replaced by carbon monoxide. The lesser oxygen decreases senses such as taste and smell. Smoking causes mental problems such a depression and anxiety. This is manifested in the feeling that one needs to smoke. An addiction is a mental problem. It is escapism from reality, an indication that the smoker does not find value and gratification in life. Smoking compromises the environment well being of not the smoker but also others. The smoke produced is a source of dangerous carbon emissions, which are harmful to the environment. All these effects on the various dimensions of my health will be remedied by this project. It will make me a much healthier person not to mention the chances of living a longer happier life. 

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Warning signs

The decision to quit smoking is a big step and can be difficult to hurdle. This struggle was eased by the fact that there were signs that led me to think I had to quit the habit and hence focus on this project. These signs include shortness of breath when carrying out a physical exercise. This quit smoking warning could easily be shrugged off as merely an outcome of being out of shape physically. However, if people continue to ignore the smoking sign, it may result severe cardiovascular problems and proceed to a persistent cough. Another sign that promoted me to take this project is the recurrent happening of sore throats. This, I learnt, is a result of smoke irritating the inside layer of my throat. Frequent stomach upsets were also signs that motivated me to undertake this project. I learnt that smoking increases the production of acid in the stomach hence the aches. If I do not stop, it could lead to a gastrointestinal problem for example, ulcers.

Goal statement

I am at present smoking a half a packet of cigarettes daily, cutting that by half within a week is achievable. I have set immediate and attainable goals. The first goal is to see my doctor. The next short-term goal is to reduce to a quarter of a packet a day by the end of week one, an eighth a packet by week two, two cigarettes by the end the third week, and cigarettes per day by the close of the fourth week. At the close of the fifth week, I will exclusively be dependent on nicotine patches and gum. As the sixth week elapse, I will be free from reliance on any substance with nicotine.

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Plan of action

The first step I will take is to set a date for quitting smoking. The second step will be to visit my doctor for advice. Thirdly, I will mull over finding a quitting colleague. Set a date to quit together to support each other. If I do not get a partner, I will go ahead on my own. The fourth step will be to talk to my family and friends regarding my intentions. I will ask them for their support and explain that I may be affected for a while when experiencing withdrawal. The fifth step will be to launch an exercise plan and a reasonable eating plan. Again, I will speak to my physician or dietician. Exercise will help energize me as well as relax and relieve stress. The sixth step will be to find out what prompts my craving for a cigarette. Then I will try to circumvent these triggers, and if that is impossible, choose how to deal with them.

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Expected challenges

I expect to have bouts of craving. To overcome this, I will take deep breaths. If this does not work, I will take a short walk and maintain a tight schedule of activities to keep off the desire. I will also carry a pen with me at all times to fiddle with just in case I need to find something to do with my hands. I will need to be positive and confident at all time.

Background research

Depressed people are more prone to smoke and find it hard to stop (Doll et al., 2004). Research on psychiatric patients has revealed that seven out of ten smokes, and about half are heavy smokers (Meltzer et al., 1996; Foster et al., 1996; Kelly & McCreadie, 1999; Coulthard et al., 2002; Jochelson & Majrowski, 2006). Additionally, chronic smoking is linked to and may aggravate some mental disorders. Studies have linked chronic smoking with agoraphobia, panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder (McNeill, 2001). Smokers have been found to have higher rates of and experience more severe depression and have higher suicide rates (Wilhelm et al., 2004). Heavy smoking is also linked with severe schizophrenic and psychotic illness (Corvin et al., 2001, Aguilar et al., 2005). Despite a high frequency of smoking, numerous mental well-being patients would want to quit (Meltzer et al., 1996; McCreadie, 2003; Doherty, 2006).

Figure 1 (Progress Journal)


NO Action item Start date Due date Comments/updates
1 Looking for a quitting partner Week One   My friend agreed to carry out the program alongside me
2 Setting of quitting date Week One   Date of nicotine freedom set as at (after 6 Wks)
3 Physician Visit Week One   Personal Doctor visited. Advice and Encouragement offered. The doctor Suggest a diet, which I gladly adopt.
4 Informing Family and Friends Week One   My family happy with my decision and agree to offer support.
5 Drawing of a training Schedule. Week One   I visited the health club to be helped in drawing the schedule. I come up with a training schedule (jogging for thirty minutes every morning on my own and going to the gym from 4pm-6pm week days and 2-4pm weekends for their program
6   Week One   Manages to smoke only a quarter of a packet daily on this week comfortably
7   Day one week two   I am getting used to my new training regime, and all my muscles are sore
8   Week Two   Had 3 periods of cravings, but I managed to shake the off by taking a walk
9   Week Two   Manages to smoke an eighth of a packet daily on this week comfortably
10   Week Two   By the end of this week, I am getting used to the training regime and muscles are feeling great.
    Week Three   Manages to smoke a two cigarette by the end of this week albeit with struggle
    Week Four   Manages to smoke a single stick for four consecutive days after struggling for the first three. I smoke at mid day to balance the day
    Week Five   The best week of my life so far. I manage to stop smoking though still relying on the nicotine patches and gum.
    Week Six   Manages to shake off my nicotine addiction completely and it feels great.


Figure 2 (Exercise journal)

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Week One


Day 1 Circuit training with weights
Day 2 Beginner's indoor cycling class
Day 3 Rest
Day 4 Circuit training with weights
Day 5 45 minutes swimming
Day 6 Rest
Day 7 1-2 hour outdoors walking

Week Two



Day 1 Weight training - Back and abs
Day 2 Cross-country running
Day 3 Weight training - Chest
Day 4 shoulders and arms
Day 5 60 minutes swimming
Day 6 Weight training - Legs
Day 7 Rest

Week Three



Day 1 60 minutes tennis
Day 2 basketball
Day 3  Dead lifts - 3 sets, 10-12 reps
Day 4 Chins - 3 sets, 10-12 reps
Day 5 Seated cable rows - 2sets, 10reps
Day 6 Dumbbell shrugs - 3 sets, 10 reps
Day 7 Abdominal crunches - 2 sets, to failure

Week Four


Day 1 Twisted crunches - 2 sets, to failure
Day 2 The Plank - 3 sets, to failure
Day 3 Captain's chair - 3 sets, to failure
Day 4 Dumbbell chest presses - 3 sets, 8-10 reps
Day 5 Standing military presses - 3 sets, 10-12 reps
Day 6 Pushups - 2 sets, to failure
Day 7 Dips - 2 sets, to failure
Week Five Day 1 Skull crushers - 3 sets, 10-12 reps
Day 2 Triceps cable press downs - 2 sets, 10-12 reps
Day 3 Lateral dumbbell raises - 3 sets, 12-15 reps
Day 4 Upright cable rows - 2 sets, 10-12 reps
Day 5 Barbell bicep curls - 3 sets, 10-12 reps
Day 6 Dumbbell hammer curls - 2 sets, 8-10 reps
Day 7 Classic squats - 3 sets, 10-12 reps

Week Six


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Day 1 Hack lift machine squats - 2 sets, 10-12 reps
Day 2 Leg extensions - 2 sets, 12-15 reps
Day 3 Lunges - 3 sets, 10-12 reps
Day 4 Seated hamstring curls - 3 sets, 10-12 reps
Day 5 Donkey calf raises - 3 sets, to failure
Day 6 Seated calf raises - 2 sets, 10-12 reps
Day 7 Standing calf raises - 2 sets, 10-12 reps
    Exit plan for the program includes training continuation.



The first two weeks were the toughest. The training had all my muscles very exhausted in the first week. My friends and family encouraged me not to give up. The second week was tough because that when I reduced the biggest number of cigarettes I smoke drastically. The second fortnight was easier than the first. The health program was going just fine. My muscles were being accustomed. I had a little problem with my addiction, but I was determined to stick to my schedule. The last fortnight was a bit hard for the training. I had intensified the training, but I was feeling good. The smoking was dropped this week. By the time, I dropped the nicotine addiction in the final week I was ready for it. The whole project was realistic. The only hitch is that it would not be appropriate for a person who smokes more sticks than I used to smoke.


After a grueling six weeks, I managed to shake of the smoking. I do not think the program only did it. Talking to my family, friends, and a doctor was the greatest decision I took. They were there to make sure I stay on the program even when I felt like giving. I surely could not have achieved the great results by my own. The results were worth the results. Now I am a better person. I would like to help someone else achieve the feat.

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