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Social Cultural Contexts of Language and Literacy

Language survey is said to be one of the most important elements in learning as it helps us analyze different types of languages. It all depends on the belief one holds on issues such as the relationship between the subject language and the social identity, your stand on linguistic determination and the rigid altitude towards the language (Routledge, 1997).

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For example, students in my current classroom slightly agree with me when I say that, a very good language is supposed to have more grammatical rules. According to them, that is not so much necessary as they think that, gone are th days when the language used to be pure as it has changed over time.

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My grammar and speech should always interconnect. If I change my opinion on this, then this might mean that I am much contributing towards hindering language development to my students. Emphasis should be put on ensuring that the language is kept pure for its development (Sumara, 2002).

Sometimes you find that the roles one play in different aspects of life may make you change pronunciation of words and bringing in new terms as you fight to fit in that place. Failure to change your language in one of theese roles might give you hard time in communication since some of the people you are dealing with might not be very conversant with your language. You are forced by the condition to change your language so as to have easy time with people you are dealing with.

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Incase my students do not use language appropriate to their roles this might bring about poor preparation to their respective places of expertise. It is very important to ensure that appropriate language is used for excellent deliverance. In conclusion, I can say that prescriptive attitude is such important thing in language evaluation.

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