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Business Relationships

The success of any business opportunity requires numerous skills that are drawn from different areas such as Law, Management and social science. These areas have elements that can guide the management of a business entity and thus informs a manager regarding business tasks like leadership, making of contracts, negotiation business deals and proposition, improving communication, reward and motivation as well as developing workers at the intrapersonal level. Lack of knowledge on any of these areas can spell disaster for any business as the management may fail to execute the business operations in the right way thus leading to inefficiency through the making of wrong decision. However, with the use of good problem solving model, some of the problems can be identified and addressed at their initial stages.

In the business scenario depicting Nathans business, there are a number of issues that require immediate intervention measures as the business is at a great risk as portrayed by the case. The issues that have manifested themselves in the scenario emerge from different domain but are critical to the management of the Business entity since the company's success as well as that of the workers rely on the resolving of these issues with provision of alternate ways of performing tasks, communicating and making decisions. Managing a business goes a long way than just maintaining the customer's loyalty but also addressing the need of the employees and goals of the business (Babcock, 2010).

Failure to address issues in an appropriate manner translates to poor management of business and this can result in catastrophic consequences such as legal suits, business loss, little profits, and increase in employee turnover rate among other ill practises that put the reputation of the business at stake (Coleman, 2009). This picture is exemplified by Nathan business firm.     

Management issues in Aloha and their solutions

While training of employees is one the exercise that makes business firms spend more money while doing business, the practise is strongly associated with the performance of the business. Employees who have been trained in their work end up rendering their service in an easy and effective way. This in turn cuts down on cost and waste of time and other material resource.

In Aroha Resort Ltd, there seems too little emphasis on the importance of training. It appears that Nathan is less reluctant to spend more money in training and would prefer workers like George to get to work without any training given. This is a bad practise as there is likely hood of employees failing to work as expected due to lack of know how or confidence thereof. George's misconduct at work may have resulted to lack of training and orientation on the rule and other skills necessary in working on the tours section. As a result, the management of the resort need to create and implement employee training. The will ensure that workers gain the understanding of how they should do their work in the standard and required way (Mascull, 2010).  

According to ,it necessary that anorganization recruit more staff in line with the demand of the organization putting into consideration of the labour supply and the skills possessed by the applicants. In Aroha Resort, the lack of dedicated human resource section has made it difficult for the effective management of the business relationships. Due to Nathans' simple recruitment of employees, the resort has had employees who have failed to perform as expected. For instance, Siva who was employed by George may have failed to secure a job due to his lack of experience had Nathan used the right process for recruitment. Consequently, we see Siva engaging in forgery, an evil that further complicates her relationship with her colleagues (Rasmussen, 2009).

As an intervention measure, Nathan's resort should create a fully-fledged human resource section whose responsibility will be to attract potential worker after careful analysis of vacancies in order to shortlist, interview, recruit as well as provide the right training as per the job Additionally, employment should mark with signing of agreement between the resort and the new staff. This will improve relations in the business. Existing staff who have not signed employment agreement should also sign up this agreement with the resort.

Leadership and Motivation

Nathans lacks the elements of a good leader. He seems not to be sensitive to the needs of the workers at the resort. His conduct when addressing Siva about the pay difference puts his reputation as leader at stake. Adair (2007) asserts that, a good leader is one who can motivate workers as in order to boost their commitment to work. Nathan seems to lack motivation skills and as result, the workers are dissatisfied with this approach to the management of the resort.

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To address this issues, Nathan out to take training on leadership so as to inculcate principles of leadership into his business. This will go a long way in improving his business relationship within the resort

Social science issues in Aloha and their solutions

The issue of personal values seem to emerge in Aroha Resort. In business, regardless of one's personal values, a managers, leader or employee should ensure that their personal values do not conflict or hinder the organizations attainment of goals and objective (Ferrell, 2006).Nathans personal values seem to cause confusing in the resort especially after he issued his speech. Such confusion can mar the resorts operations as well as the relations between the employees and the management. It is therefore imperative that individual's personal values be checked against those of the organization in order to ascertain conformity which must be present if such values are to be used in business.  At the same time employees of Aroha must learn how to address issues affecting them such as the forgery of customer's feedback forms.

Organization culture

Negotiation skills

Proper negotiations call for the consideration of the interest and objectives that one has in a particular area interest. The parties undertaking neggotiations should have even ground for any wise agreement to be reached (Cohen, 2002). However, Nathan's overbearing attitude seems to limit proper negotiation between him and the employees.  As a result, the employees feel to be under threat and it is now wonder that they are turning to labour unions for help.

Nathan should therefore change is attitude towards negotiations and welcome it in the spirit of addressing issues affecting the resort. This will avoid discontentment and other legal steps being taken against the resort.

Communication is a critical tool that enables a business entity to capture the loyalty and satisfaction of its customers and at the same time improve the relationship of a given business with other business partners (Bonnye, Marilyn, & Laurence, 2007). In Aroha resort, communication between the employees and the management seem to be hindered by lack of proper structures that govern proper communication. As a result of this, Nathan can afford to write a casual text so does Paulo when planning for a serious meeting. This causes misunderstanding that later seem Paulo quitting his job. Proper communication standards should therefore be put in place where communication within and without the resort should be done in an efficient manner and that these events are documented as required.

Management issues in Aloha and their solutions

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For proper management of business relationships to take place, any management team must be aware of the legal environment that they are operating in. This is no exception to Aroha resort whose operation portrays a deficiency of legal knowhow particularly to Nathan, the owner of the resort.  By Nathans act of failing to sign job agreement with his workers like George as well as his sale of the resorts Tours operation under bad faith, he put the reputation of the resort at risk . The risks are clear as exemplified by George's demands through the Service and Food Workers Union which may lead to a legal suit.

At the same time, Nathan seem to be at hurry when coming to agreements and this cost the resort some loss when Frank Beer never honoured their word on the discount issue. Had proper paper work be adhered to and expectations outlined, this would not have happened. In mitigating this issue, Aroha should employ a legal officer who should foresee any legal agreement and contract which are binding to the resort. As Nelson (2006) confirms, corporate managers like Nathan will be able to place their business activities in line within the legal compliance area.

To achieve good management of business relationship, the management of the organization need to be having skills, attitude and values that are necessary to the creating of healthy business relationship in the internal and external environment affecting the organization. This calls for the application of principle in areas of social science, law and management that will govern how the organization does it legal operations manage the business and integrate social elements in with the aim of promoting healthy business relationships. With this the entity can succeed.

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