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Promotion Assignment

To start with the advertisement of Kenya in Natural Issues magazine should be mentioned. The authors of the author tried to attract the target audience using the colorful picture of Kenyan women and promoting ecotourism. This ad does not resemble thousands of other advertisements, as it tries to attract the audience not with the photos of Kenya’s natural heritage, but using the picture of its people and their culture. This photo reveals the unknown side of Kenya and wakes the sheer interest in this country, its nature and its sites. In order to understand this ad, it should be analyzed taking into account its target market, message content, execution style, layout and design.

Target market: this ad might be considered universal, as it attracts attention of meeting planners, travel agents, families and general public. The ad tries to pay attention of the target audience not only to nature and relaxing, but to the cultural heritage of Kenyan citizens. It promotes their cultural values and traditions. The photo might be considered magical, as it promotes sheer interest with this country, though it does not contain the direct words like “Welcome” or “visit this paradise”. No everyting is rather simple and understandable. Kenya is not usual and well-known tourists’ site, and this picture shows public its novelty.

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The purpose of this article is informative and in a way persuasive. The thing is that its authors try to use the strategies of positioning, creating image, communicating the benefits and differentiation. At first sight, there is just a photo of a Kenyan woman wearing their natural costume. However, it is not so. Her outer appearance and her sight promote interest. There appears a strange wish to go there and to see this woman in reality, to understand why she is so strong, and tender simultaneously. Her costume also attracts attention, as it tells the audience some details of the country’s history and promotes it in general.

Message content: The message content might be considered rational and emotional. The thing is that it promotes ecotourism. In the recent years this form of tourism attracts more and more people, who are sick and tired of luxurious hotels and “all inclusive”. The ad tells the audience that they acquire a unique chance to go to this country and to explore it from the inside. They have an opportunity to understand Kenyan culture, traditions, heritage and vision of the world. It is not just massage and sunbathing. It’s something more, which lies deeper. This trip will definitely help to understand the mental peculiarities of this country and its people. It means actually UNDERSTANDING them and not just VISITING them. And this is far more important, as there are few chances in this life to do it.

Layout and design: The photo for the ad was made by the real professional, who managed to render not only its outer features, but only the part of the inner world of this woman. Her glance attracts attention and interest. People want to find out why is she so beautiful and so serious. This is not just a pop picture with a blonde woman, who drinks her juice on the beach. The photo renders emotion, though; the face of the woman is motionless. This is an art, to show not only appearance, but also the soul of the person.

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My suggestions: I think that this photo is really great, and there should not be any additions. The right thing would be to add proper slogan. I would definitely ad something like “Come and understand them”. Anything about relax or vacations, but few words, which would reveal the essence of this trip.

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