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Hello Sexy, Let’s Boogie

The work of a receptionist is has to be one of the most difficult jobs you could be employed in because of the difficulties these individuals undergo. For instance a receptionist is supposed to remain friendly even when a guest is infringing on her personal life. According to business rules, you have to keep the guest happy all the times. In Episode 2, Abubakar seemed to be very disrespectful to the receptionist because he had the money and therefore he could freely harass her and yet she was not supposed to complain or defend her self because this would make the guest unhappy.

Another difficulty receptionists undergo is dressing as per the rules of the restaurant even if they were uncomfortable. According to Elier, a receptionist is supposed to look attractive to the guest by putting on make up and tight or short skirts which sometimes make the guest to take advantage of their dressing to harass them (p. 1). Dictatorship in term of personal grooming is sometimes very hard to deal with especially for principled ladies.

Thirdly, receptionists are supposed to act diplomatically in the sense that they are to respect the guest at whatever cost (Elier, p. 2). For instance sometimes guests make mild jokes and tease receptionist which is definitely not a comfortable issue but they have to keep smiling to keep the guests entertained since the social distance between the two parties is so huge and more so it is because of these guest that receptionist are employed.

Sexual harassment occurs when some unwelcoming conduct is directed towards an individual on basis of gender. It involves sexual advances, asking for sexual favors or other physical or verbal conduct of sexual nature. Judging from this description, there is no doubt that Abubakar's conduct towards the receptionist constitutes sexual harassment. Mr. Abubakar would approach so close to the receptionist that she could smell his breath. This is a suggestive action because if he needed genuine service, he would have kept some distance with her. This closeness was more than necessary and it made her feel uncomfortable. Moreover, the kind of words he used were flattering and suggestive (Whitelaw, et al, 2009, p. 6). For instance he says "have you got a smile for me sexy eyes?" these are not just words men say if they do not have some hidden agenda behind their minds. He uses these words to try and seduce the receptionist to fall for his sexual advances.

The use of petty nicknames like cheeky face, sexy eyes are also suggestive and amount to sexual harassment. The receptionist says he could occasionally reach out to brush off something from her face or pick off imaginary lint form her blouse. This touchy actions also amount to sexual harassment because they are done against the will of the receptionist. the fact that he would sometimes ring her and request that she takes her bill to his room is somewhat suggestive because considering the kind of flattering words he uses on her, he might have had a different agenda on his might may be wanted to have sexwith her(Elier, p. 6). Actions like poking of his tongue at her or whistling or even peeping over her shoulder are all evidence of sexual harassment because it is quite evident that it was she was never amused or pleased with such acts.

Touchy behavior by Mr. Abubakar is also evidence of sexual harassment. For instance he reaches over and touches her ponytail and says "it suits you better when you wear your hair down." Judging from the fact that the receptionist is tensed, it means she is not comfortable with the actions. By lifting her chin with his finger, Mr. Abubakar oversteps the boundary between guest and receptionist and therefore it amounts to sexual harassment (Elier, p. 8).

The fact hat Mr. Abubakar keeps on stoking the receptionist also amounts to sexual harassment because she is supposed to have space to do her work and not always agree to his suggestions. For instance he insists that the receptionist joins him for dancing at he club and when she does not agree, he says "may be I should speak to management about her. She is too naughty..." This implies that unless the receptionist agrees to his advances then he can make her loose her job. According to the federal law, unwilling sexual advances at the work place amount to sexual harassment.

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In the current time, the hospitality industry is very competitive and restaurants have to work extremely hard to stay ahead of their competitors. According to Abdullah (2002), this often means that you have to do everything possible to remain at the top which might include giving benefits that may be the guest could not find else where. Engineering how the receptionist are to dress, behave and talks to guest is one such benefit that the restaurant offers to the guest and this amounts to corporate manipulation. It appears that the management is comfortable with Mr. Abubakar's behavior because they even encourage him to pursue the receptionist. He is occasionally seemed to have drinks with the management and this has to be because of the benefits he gets from the hotel.

In the episode, it is indicated that receptions were sometimes sent back to go and apply make up whenever they could forget. They were also to put on pink clothes that made them look more feminine and docile. This was meant to attract the male guest. If it were not for this purpose, then they could be allowed to put on any clothes as long as they looked presentable. This was however not the intension and therefore they were to look attractive to guest so that they can always come back to the hotel. In fact it is said that the most beautiful girls were placed at the reception which raises the question as to why at the reception and nowhere else. The answer would only be to attract more guests (Abdullah, 2002). In the evening it is said that receptionist would freely interact with the guest. This is also aimed at manipulation of the business so those guests spend more money which makes the hotel make more profit.

The fact that receptionist were to always be friendly to the guest nno matter what is also enough evidence of corporate manipulation. This is because they were not to make them annoyed or else the guest would never come back to the hotel. The management seemed to be comfortable with the way guest talked to the receptionist because for them as long as there was money gained from the guest, it was never a problem on how they addressed the receptionists (Abdullah, 2002). According to the hotels rules, you were to remain happy and entertaining to the guest even if he seemed to harass or offend you as Abubakar did.

The provision of sexualized hospitality in the ancient time definitely influenced the manner in which the roles of the receptionist are viewed by the guests because in the past, women were supposed to serve their guest with whatever they wanted. According to Gur-Klein (2003), the masters at this time would also present women to the guests as presents for their stay and the women were to obey to this (p. 6). Whenever male guests would visit, they were to choose from a number of female the ladies they were to go to bed with and this was a normal issue that people did not have a problem with.

It is because of this that most guest in the current time feel that the receptionist are loose women who are employed by their bosses to ensure that any guest that come to the hotel are entertained. In the ancient time, whenever guest was not offered a lady, he did not enjoy his visit. The same applies to the current time where most male guest won't enjoy their visit if they do not spend time with ladies and in this point it is the receptionists that are to serve the purpose. The management also ensures that there are beautiful receptionists so that guest would enjoy their visit. The same applied in the ancient time where beautiful women were chosen as presents to the guests. This is however a misunderstanding that should be corrected (Gur-Klein, 2003, p. 7).

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If I were a hotel manager I would suggest that there is a line between work and pleasure in the sense that guest are supposed to be provided with the best quality of service but on condition that they respect the privacy of receptionists. If it is an understanding between the two parties, it's well and good but the hotel can not tolerate harassment of employees just because the guests have money. There is more to life than money and good morals should be given priority over money. Any guest with such behavior would therefore have to be warned to change or leave in peace (Whitelaw, et al, 2009, p. 7). You might be surprised to find that guest also change their behavior and address receptionist with respect.

Another very important thing is changing the mode of grooming by the receptionist. Being presentable does not really mean that you have to put on reveling clothes or clothes that could be termed as tempting to the guest. The way a receptionist presents herself in terms of the kind of clothes she puts on has much to do with the seductive behavior of the guests. Is this is corrected then everything else will change.

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