The Analysis of the Matrix Movie

Matrix MovieI guess everybody has watched and compared the Matrix and Star Wars, especially considering the fact that both movies are based on presenting imaginary living spaces. However, the Matrix and Star Wars are completely different. While Star Wars depicts an ideal space, the Matrix presents a dystopia for all the human beings. Therefore, the differences between two worlds are discernible. The plot of the Matrix sets in a surreal world, where humans exist without realizing its madness. Artificial intelligence becomes harmful and dangerous to human welfare since it provokes conflicts and even creates wars. This way, the battle between the experimented and the experimenter is obvious, since the roles are interchanged.

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Technical Aspects

In the Matrix, oblique camera angles are used in order to portray the distortion to the reality that the human beings live in. Additionally, the technical team used bird-eye view shots, so that the design and the heights of the buildings are articulated. This critical tool is employable towards the portrayal of the whole environment of a set.

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In terms of showing different realities, the bird-eye view shots have played a critical role. Moreover, this technique proves the falsehood of human lives, especially when a person undertakes a double life. In this view, it is apparent that Neo’s room and office are a complete difference. While his office is neat and well organized, Neo’s room is a stark contrast, which shows his absolutely opposite side of the character.

The bird-eye view is also used to uncover the confusion and mystery that might be happening in the mind of the characters. A good example of this case is proved in the scene where Neo is climbing the stairs. In addition, this view can be employed in order to show the helpless state of the trapped character. Besides, it focuses audience’s attention on the character that is alone in the closed room. This way, it provides the chance to distort the size of the room either to a huge or a tiny one.

Fisheye Lens

Another tool used in the movie is the fisheye lens, which is helpful in terms of portraying Neo’s anxiety under Agent Smith’s study. As one might have noticed, straight lines, which indicate control and order, are not popular in the Matrix.

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The Star Wars movie is following closely the Matrix in terms of the significant use of cameras. In the opening scenes, a viewer is welcomed by the introduction of the galaxy, which has completely different sides. Real elements are being described alongside surreal ones.

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