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  • How to Write a Good Reaction Paper

    How to Write a Good Reaction Paper

    Analytical exploration of the text reveals the information load of the article and its semantic content. This kind of research is used to determine the authors' professional level, the originality of the ideological report to the reader, the style of writing, and the peculiarities of the presentation in the article. Informational Research If you want to analyze the article of a particular author professionally, first, you need to be guided by certain items of the analysis of the material. The article should be read very attentively. Informational research begins with the correspondence of ...

  • No to Animal Experiments

    No to Animal Experiments

    In recent years, animal testing has sparked a fiery debate all over the world. Basically, it has divided the global society into two opposite camps: those who justify it as a necessary measure to ensure people’s safety and those condemn it as a cruel and completely inhuman practice. In this article, we advocate the later point of view. It is extremely sad that in 2017, animals are still being subjected to harmful and very often lethal experiments by the cosmetics and household products’ safety researches in the vast majority of countries. You may not be a huge animal lover, but ...

  • Essay on Marketing Papers

    Essay on Marketing Papers

    Marketing essay free examples, marketing research topics Marketing by nature is about directing and managing activities, whose goal is to promote a product and service and make it popular among consumers. Organizations apply to marketing every time they develop a new product or want to renew the reputation of the existing products and services. Marketing encompasses a broad range of activities, from brand management to human resource decisions. This is why marketing research papers and essays cover numerous topics and provide practical solutions to develop and management marketing campaigns ...

  • Managerial Accounting Essay Papers

    Managerial Accounting Essay Papers

    Accounting  research paper or essay is a unique type of academic writing that relates to the issues of measuring, providing assurance, and disclosing accounting information to external parties. Managerial accounting refers to the information and decisions made by investors, managers, and tax authorities and that affect greatly the quality and profitability of organizations. These are the decisions and actions that mainly touch resource allocation processes in organizations, business, public entities, and companies These are the topics and subtopics for Essays on Accounting you can ...

  • Business ethics papers

    Business ethics papers

      Essay on Business ethics Papers   Business ethics papers free examples, topics for business ethics papers   Business ethics essay is a paper written to meet the main academic standards of writing that relates to the topic of applied ethics (art and science), examines moral and ethical principles at work, and analyzes and resolves ethical and moral issues that impact contemporary business and organizational environments.   These are the business ethics essays you can order from us: Accounting information ethics Business ethics in various fields Conflicts of ...

  • Writing rules - spelling out numbers

    Writing rules - spelling out numbers

    Rules for writing numbers: Spelling out numbers In nontechnical texts, numbers usually attract special attention. Good writers must follow a number of rules to make sure that numbers are spelled and written correctly. In nontechnical texts only whole numbers from one to hundred are spelled out. Other numbers to be spelled out in nontechnical texts include round numbers. Any number put at the very beginning of the sentence should be spelled out. For other numbers, make sure to use numerals. How to spell out numbers in nontechnical texts: Spell out round numbers, since they are imprecise by ... Testimonials


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