APA Format Research Papers

APA stands for American psychological association. APA format generally contains rules that are more advanced. There are set of rules that are followed while writing an APA format research papers. It is a formal form of writing. The writer should be very well aware of the writing format of APA research papers. Different forms of writing techniques are followed in these research papers. APA format is generally accepted in the social sciences. It is important for the writer of these research papers to mention the name of the author and the source of research. There are certain changes made in the APA style. It is important to mention the list of authors in APA style. APA format research paper is a formal writing and should be well-written. The writer should keep a record of do’s and don’ts of the style. The standard practice of placing of two spaces after periods and colons is now forbidden in the APA style, placing of a single space is preferred now. The contractions such as can’t, isn’t, don't, etc., are not allowed in formal writing. If there are two spellings of a word, then the first spelling in the dictionary should be used in the essay. The word ‘data’ is considered plural in APA format. The words such as since and while should only be used in their temporal sense.

APA format research papers explain various other rules of APA writing. In this form of writing one must place commas between two independent clauses in the sentences. Restrictive clause is not set off commas. The writer should use numerals greater than nine. The numbers should be spelled out numbers nine and below. Characterizing corrections can be made in this style of writing. Punctuations and question marks can also be added in the APA papers. Therefore, APA format research papers mention all the rules and techniques of APA writing.

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