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College students look for ways to earn money while they are studying so that they always have some cash on hand. There are many ways to do so. Look for a job or earn a scholarship online such as an essay scholarship. The online essay scholarships are awarded to people hailing from all kinds of backgrounds. Most of such scholarships always call for the students to write to deserve what they are aiming for. Scholarships are generally awarded on the basis of merit (considering the writing submitted) while others are based on GPA, community service and financial position. Irrespective of the presence of other factors, the essay writing requirement is a major factor in determining your chances of receiving scholarship.

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It is important to achieve the high quality of essay writing required by the scholarship. This is different from what your instructor requires from you. In your class, the quality of your essay determines the status of your transcript; for ascholarship application, it determines the monetary valuet. You need time to produce an essay that wins the evaluators' kudos. Writing such an essay isn't as easy as clicking your fingers. In fact, it needs thorough research and a properly structured outline.

Most online essay scholarships ask you to write about personal experiences. The evaluator wants something from which he can have an idea about your life, goals, present achievements and future aspirations as you're stepping into a college. You need to put a lot of creativity into it. A lot of money is on the line and you should make sure that it will land it on your kitty!

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