Handy Tips on How to Write a Memo

If you have no idea about how to write a memo in the right manner, you should definitely read this article. At present, memoranda are widely used in the business area, as they are an effective means of communication. As well as any other piece of writing used in the corporate area, a memo has to be written by following specific rules. Thus, if you desire to compose an impeccable memo, get ready to stick to the main memo writing guidelines.

Making a Proper Memo Format

Before producing a memo, you should identify your readers. It is necessary to admit that it can be a little bit complicated. You may require some extra time to realize who will deal with your memo and what advantages they will get from it. Are you going to compose a memorandum for the whole organization or the managerial department only? Try to answer this question to know what further steps should be taken.

Creating Headings

Headings play an important role in producing a memo. Every heading should highlight a specific point mentioned in the outline. Apart from the headings inserted in the text, a memo should have a general heading indicating the recipient and the matter in question.

Introductory Paragraph

Do you crave to find out how to write a memo efficiently? You should start it with a catchy opening paragraph. Its function is to inform the addresses about the purpose of your writing and your intentions. Once the introductory paragraph is written, commence producing the main body. Your memo should end with a reasonable conclusion summing up your ideas.

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Body Section

Your memo has to be comprehensible. Avoid using the words and expressions with vague sense.

Start your piece of writing with presenting its purpose and subject.  Determine the >

Avoid making too long paragraphs (more than 6 or 7 lines) not to bewilder the recipients. Bear in mind that there should be enough white space in your memorandum. Thus, it will be easier for the addressee (s) to read your piece of writing and understand its main idea.

Remember that your memo should not include any irrelevant data. As to its length, one page is quite enough. Longer memoranda will require a succinct summary. You can look through well written memo examples to understand how a memo should be composed.

Mind to keep the language of the body section simple and clear. The text should be entirely concentrated on the target audience. If your memo is addressed to the recipients who are unaware of the specifics of the subject, avoid using complicated terms. Readers should comprehend your message fully.

Custom Memo Writing: Citing and Formatting

When writing your memo, you may need to refer to other sources and insert quotations in the text. In this case, remember to arrange citations correctly and present the references on a separate page.

Proofreading and Editing

Once the first draft is ready, have some rest. Only then you may begin editing and proofreading the text. When going through these stages, you will be able to eliminate all mistakes and add a persuasive tone to your writing. Once the memorandum is edited, it can be delivered to the addresses.

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