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Are making a big move to college? Are you competing for scholarships? Essays now due for graduate school admissions?You’re playing with the “big boys” now, and the competition for undergraduate admissions, scholarships, and admission to graduate/professional schools could not be greater. If you have met the criteria for grades and test scores, there are only two things that can now give you the competitive edge – the interview and the required essays. Obviously, you’re on your own for the interview, but you do not have to be for the essay assignments!

You know your essay(s) has to be creative, with attention-getting introductions and conclusions. You know it has to be perfectly constructed, fluent, cohesive, and complete free of any grammatical errors. Unless your major field of interest or study is or has been English composition or journalism, you may experience some anxiety about your ability to produce an essay that will clearly stand above the competition.

This is where PrimeWritings.com comes in. We have been in the business of providing writing services for both academic and non-academic needs for years, and are, quite frankly, the best ghostwriting service available for the English-speaking world.  As you prepare to compose these critical pieces of writing, consider turning these tasks over to the professionals at PrimeWritings.com. You will receive perfectly written essays that fully highlight the theme(s) you have been given.

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  • Place your order on our website and provide broad guidelines.

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Undergraduate Admissions

Dependent upon the institution, you will be asked to write one or more essays. In these, you will be telling your personal story, through a narrative of salient milestones in your life, and, as well, delineating your academic and personal goals for adulthood. You may know exactly what you want to say, but translating that into a truly creative, academically-sound piece may be a talent that eludes you. When you use the services of PrimeWritings.com, you receive one professional writer who will take all of the detail you provide and create an essay that will be both attention-grabbing and beautifully written. The finished product will showcase you in unique ways that will have an admissions committee completely impressed.

Scholarship Essays

If you are competing for scholarships, from the institution itself, from a foundation, or any other group, the bar is raised significantly. You are now competing with others who, like you, have demonstrated truly outstanding skills and talents, and your essay assignments will be more complex. Again, unless you are a “crack” writer or journalist, it will be difficult to produce a piece that will stand above the others. Let the pros of PrimeWritings.com help you here!

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Graduate/Professional School Admissions

Generally, you will be writing three or four essays, and these will be a combination of narrative and expository writing. You will be highlighting your own life experiences which have had an impact on your decision to pursue the specific field of study; you will be clearly stating your goals; you will be asked to predict how your pursuit of further study in this subject field will benefit both the profession and society. Make no mistake about it. These works will be read by many academicians in your field, and yours need to be truly superior.

Why PrimeWritings.com?

We have gathered what we believe to be the best team of writing experts on the planet. These are graduate-degreed individuals who possess the creativity and the writing skills to produce admissions and scholarship essays of the highest quality.  You will not receive bland pieces that simply tell your story and state your goals. They include humor, suspense, successes and disappointments; they portray a sense of enthusiasm and zest that committees want to see; they contain attention-grabbing introductions that entice the reader to move forward. Each essay is a jewel, presented in an inspiring and sparkling manner.

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When you place your order with PrimeWritings.com, you will be asked to provide a great deal of information about yourself and your life experiences. We assign a writer based upon the type of essay required and the field of study you wish to pursue. Your writer may communicate with you through the entire process, asking for more information or for clarification of information you have already provided. Only in this way can we provide you with the unique piece you need. You will receive drafts of your review and comments, and you may request a revision if needed to be completely satisfied with the product.

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Don’t risk rejection because of mediocre essays!  You are at the final stage of competition now, and this last critical piece – the essay(s) – couldn’t be more important. Let the professionals at PrimeWritings.com give you the edge you need!

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