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Students have to juggle so many things today. These include everything from classes to labs and from part time jobs to other activities. Because of this the need of the hour of today’s individuals is very straight forward, to buy a research paper now. Because of all the time constraints being faced by them today as a result of all the various tasks before them, students are in need of research projects immediately. This need is not being fulfilled properly by all the people and all the websites selling fast research papers. The papers being sold are of extremely substandard and poor quality. These are the works that won’t be acceptable anywhere. The problem sadly begins with the customers who are short of time and want to buy a research paper now. This is because they want pieces of writing immediately and also at extremely cheap prices. They are very conscious about the price they pay for the research papers. As a result of this, badly researched as well as badly written works are being sold to them. The reason for this is the extremely low prices being paid for these services.

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What customers don’t understand is that there are basically two types of research papers being sold. One are custom papers, which are written according to individual needs or say as to say are customized research papers. These are slightly higher priced but are of good quality. The other type of research papers being sold are those known as file copies. These are basically the projects written poorly because of lesser rewards offered to their writers. These are repeated papers or say as to say, extremely unauthentic and unoriginal works. These file copies are works that are extremely poor in quality as compared to custom projects and are those that finally land into the hands of people who want to buy a research paper now.

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