Creating a Title Page

Congrats on completing your research paper! So finally you have been able to give result to your efforts. Now the only thing you need to do is to create a title page for the research paper. Obviously, it’s not going to be that simple especially when your impossible professor wants it to be perfectly organized and fulfill all the rules and norms of writing a research paper title.

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In order to create a research paper title page properly, it is required to follow some rules.

Select a title which you have sufficient amount of information about. It absolutely not be lengthy, only the main idea should be as clear as possible.

The following information should be included in the given order:

  • the title of the research paper;
  • secondary title
  • full name of the author
  • name of your instructor
  • the title of the course
  • date submitted

It should be noted that separate research paper titles are not required by some formats. In such a case the all information cited above should be written on the first page of the text, in the upper left hand corner. The title should be written in the center two lines below.

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The presence of the cover page of the research paper is not as important as the organization of the information presented in it. It should be properly done.

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