Top 5 Essential Travel Tips

Essential Travel ToolsBefore starting any trip, it is important to pack up, isn’t it? Many travelers start with clothes items, footwear, foods, and drinks. Therefore, they tend to forget about other things that are also necessary when they travel. Here is a list of the things that are definitely worth taking whenever you are planning to hit the trails and discover the world.

Duct Tape

Believe it or not, this multi-functional item is essential for any type of traveler. This tool can serve as a repairer whenever you break any non-electric item. It can also serve as a repairer for clothes items. However, I recommend taking tread and a needle for this purpose.

Duct tape can also be used to fix any holes or tears on your suitcase, backpack or handbag. The next time you travel somewhere, take this simple-to-pack tool along with you. This way, you won’t worry how to fix your belongings.

Wire Hanger

Another basic tool for the traveler is the wire hanger. It serves as a binding tool for all mechanical things, for instant, zippers of your bag or clothes items. It can be used to fix your car as well. If it happens that an exhaust pipe falls out, you can easily fix it with the help of the wire until you get to an auto service.

Wire hangers are requisite whenever you need to dry your clothes but drying racks are hard to be found. Wire hangers have another advantage – they are cheap. Besides, they easily fit into any type of luggage.

Swiss Army Knife

This all-in-one tool is handy in various urban settings. Use it as a can opener whenever there is no electricity and no cooked food except for the canned goods. Use it as a knife to carve some traction whenever a new pair of shoes doesn’t have one and it makes it impossible to walk on ice or any other slick surface. Use it to cut some kindling for a campfire or to whittle some wood in order to roast sausages. Thus, a Swiss army knife is an essential tool that should be kept in a back pocket of a real traveler.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer is indispensable in terms of keeping clean on the road, which sometimes seems to be a challenge. Whenever you trek through less traveled roads, soap will be hard to find. Even if you travel by plane or bus, hand sanitizer will come in handy. You never know when that spot was last scoured and scrubbed. Therefore, a bottle of hand sanitizer is a tool you always need.

Toilet Paper

Make sure that you take toilet paper, since it might be missing where you are going. It doesn’t require much space in your luggage, but you won’t regret taking it. Toilet paper can be used as napkins, washcloths, etc.

Consider packing these 5 essential tools with you the next time you travel. Expand your horizons without worrying about the basics.


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