Celebrity Interviews You’ll Definitely Laugh At

Celebrity Interviews You’ll Definitely Laugh AtIt seems that contemporary daytime television is all about talk shows and interviews. And it’s not surprising. Many people love celebrity interviews because they can be very entertaining. TV show hosts and their guests rehearse their interviews to make sure that they are informative, funny, and enjoyable to watch. However, sometimes something goes not exactly as expected, and it makes an interview even more hilarious. Here are some examples of interviews that will make you laugh.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield Interviewing Miriam Margolyes

Comedians are known to be quite challenging to interview because their answers can be absolutely unpredictable. Miriam Margolyes, who is famous for her role in the Harry Potter franchise, acted like a true comedian while Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were trying to interview her. Throughout the whole show, she was answering the hosts’ questions in a completely hilarious way and making witty comments, so the hosts themselves could help laughing. Later, Holly and Phillip said that that was probably the most joyful interview they’ve ever had on their show.

Ellen DeGeneres Interviewing Katy Perry

If you’ve ever watch at least one episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, you know how Ellen loves to play pranks on her guests, make them play funny games, and sometimes ask them awkward questions. However, things got especially awkward that time when Ellen was interviewing the pop star Katy Perry and could not remember a very prominent episode from the singer’s personal life. Namely, Ellen forgot the fact of Katy’s failed marriage to Russel Brand. The expression of confusion on both singer’s and host’s faces is just hilarious to watch. At the end, Perry made a remark that made the show’s audience burst into laughter: she reminded Ellen of her giving wedding presents to Katy in one of her show’s episodes.

Howard Stern Interviewing anyone

Howard Stern is an acknowledged American media king and a true master of the interview. He has interviewed a multitude of celebrities throughout his career on both television and radio. His interviews are always funny because Howard feels free to ask anyone crazy questions or make rather harsh comments. Also, he knows how to make celebrities reveal the secrets they wish they’d kept to themselves. What’s more, thanks to his charisma he somehow manages to do all that without offending anyone.

So, if you want to watch something funny and entertaining, we encourage you to watch the interviews listed above. You are guaranteed to have a good laugh. Enjoy!


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