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Cause and Effect Essay

Natural Disaster: How to Solve the Problem?

Unfortunately, all the humans are just helpless before nature. In the 21st century, natural disasters are no more rare cases; they happen all over the world. They are the devastating powers, which are able to ruin everything including the human lives and environment. Unfortunately, people find it impossible to struggle with them. Significantly, it is particularly important to realize the main causes of disasters to try to avoid the unpleasant consequences.

Flooding is a common natural disaster, which occurs when the river destroys its banks, and they cannot keep the water pressure. The amount of water becomes too huge to flow in a certain line. Usually, this disaster happens after a heavy rain or in some other wet periods. There are many factors for flooding including the natural causes and the ones caused by human beings. The ability to have information about the approaching flood can help people to take the appropriate measures. Flood forecasting service usually provides information about the maximum expected level of the water and the approximate time of its occurrence for the most important places along the stretch of the river.

Earthquake is also one of the most widespread disasters. When it occurs, it can destroy the houses, streets, and even the whole cities. The plates` movements in Earth`s crust are the main reason for this disaster. Sometimes, the plates move smoothly and do not cause any discomfort for people, but sometimes, they can get stuck causing the enormous pressure. At the moment, when this pressure is released, the earthquake happens. When the earthquake occurs in the ocean or sea, it can cause one more disaster, tsunami. It is the disaster when the great waves caused by the earthquake are pushed to the surface destroying everything on their way. Besides, tsunamis can be caused by the underwater volcanic eruptions. Volcanic eruptions occur when magma escapes from inside the Earth. When magma bursts from earth, it also releases the large quantities of gas and dust, which is particularly harmful to nature and human health.

Also, people should remember about such a terrible disaster as wildfire. This disaster takes place in many countries and causes much harm to flora and fauna of the certain territory. Usually, it happens in summer, when it is very hot, and there are many factors for spreading of fire with the incredible speed. Undoubtedly, most of the wildfires are manmade, but their spreading is the natural process. As for the natural causes, they are the lightning struck and the sun`s heat.

In conclusion, one should admit that the natural disasters bring many grief and sufferings to people. When they happen, people realize how they are weak comparing to nature. Despite all the technological progress, when the disaster happens, people can do nothing to save or protect their lives. Without any doubts, one person can do nothing to prevent them. However, people should unite in reducing their influence on the environment since it will help to lower the chances of the disaster`s happening.
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