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APA Style Essay Format

            Contents: How to format titles, headings and subheadings in APA             How to format text pages in APA How to format titles, headings and subheadings in APA APA headings APA requires that all headings and subheadings are formatted in accordance with a number of rules. First-Level Headings are always centered, with heading caps used for every word in the title, and centered. Second Level Headings are always left-aligned, with heading caps for all words in the title. Do not center second level headings! Third level headings are indented, written in both bold and italics, with heading caps used only for the first word of the sentence. Heading of the third-level is located to become a run-in heading of the paragraph, for which it is used. It has to be formatted as a complete sentence ending with appropriate punctuation, e.g., a period. How to format text pages in APA          Remember that APA provides special requirements for page formatting. Although the most appropriate font is not specified, do not forget to indent new paragraphs one-inch. In APA, a ragged right margin is requested and welcome; in final manuscripts, however, you can have your ragged right margins replaced with regular justified margins. All texts have to be double-spaced all over. Single spacing is used ONLY for block quotes, the abstract, and the references list. In these areas, use one space after the final punctuation. Use page numbers on every page, and make sure the page numbers run consecutively. Emphases are made in italics, and footnotes are used rarely. The only exception for the footnotes is using them to include author’s contact information or affiliation. This is the most appropriate use of footnotes in APA.

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