Professional and Academic Writing

As a rule, academic writing belongs to a professional type of writing. Often these words are even used interchangeably to denote the same thing. Professional academic writing has its own rules of structure and organization. Besides, when submitting professional pieces of writing, it is important to adhere to specific vocabulary style and rules of the logical organization.

The Process of Writing Academic Papers

  • Before writing an academic paper, a person needs to conduct a thorough research and gather enough scholarly, peer-reviewed resources from which it is possible to extract credible information. This step may be already a challenging one for a student who has never conducted such an in-depth research before. This preparatory research stage involves studying many materials, finding the most trustworthy sources, and reviewing them.
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How to Train Writing and Reading Simultaneously?

Train Writing and Reading Simultaneously In the process of learning a language, reading and writing should be paid special attention to. These are the interrelated skills that everyone needs in the process of acquiring and mastering language skills. Focusing on either reading comprehension exercises or writing exercises is not a good way out, as these skills should be practiced regularly and in an interrelated way. You won’t learn the principles of proper writing without reading and vice versa. Therefore, make sure you take an efficient approach and help yourself develop these skills at the same time.

In this article, we will present the main tips on how to improve your reading and writing. Jot down the most important information and make sure that it will help you bring your language acquisition to the maximum effective level.


You are deeply mistaken if you think that practicing reading comprehension improves merely the skills in reading. Actually, reading is an invaluable asset in mastering proper writing. In particular, you learn different peculiarities of writing styles, vocabulary and grammar structures, get more familiar with stylistic devices, and also learn how to organize your ideas into a logical and coherent text. Besides, when you select really interesting or informative books to read, you derive great enjoyment and get a chance of broadening your outlook. Continue reading

The Rules of Proofreading of Students Essay

Proofreading The essay is one of the most common assignments that students receive at college. Having a good idea and ready-made text is only a half of your work. A qualitatively written essay should be reread and checked well. Only in this case, you will avoid many misspellings made due to inattention. Here are some recommendations which will help you learn how to reread your essays and correct the mistakes.

A Few Steps of Efficient Proofreading

Remember Your Mistakes

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Getting Ready for the New Term

Getting Ready for the New Term Everyone speaks about getting ready for the first year in college. And it seems that no one thinks that preparing to the second one is equally important. We know that it can be even more important for you, because most likely you want to do better during the second year than you did in the first one. Now you are older and wiser. You got the first-year college experience and you have learnt something from it. You know that you will have to manage even more coursework than you did in the first year. You are going to have more essay writing that may be harder to complete than those pieces, which you have already done. Deadlines will be stricter and examinations will be more serious. To be ready to all these things, you should consider the recommendations given below. They will help you face the issues of the second year with dignity and less stress.
  • Practice what you preach. Do not only give yourself the promises about the future. Keep them. Do not procrastinate when you have to write an essay. If you have to do it for the sake of your studies, turn down an invitation to a social gathering (there will be a lot more of them in the future). Eat fruit instead of junk food. Do sports.

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The Analysis of the Matrix Movie

Matrix Movie I guess everybody has watched and compared the Matrix and Star Wars, especially considering the fact that both movies are based on presenting imaginary living spaces. However, the Matrix and Star Wars are completely different. While Star Wars depicts an ideal space, the Matrix presents a dystopia for all the human beings. Therefore, the differences between two worlds are discernible. The plot of the Matrix sets in a surreal world, where humans exist without realizing its madness. Artificial intelligence becomes harmful and dangerous to human welfare since it provokes conflicts and even creates wars. This way, the battle between the experimented and the experimenter is obvious, since the roles are interchanged.

Technical Aspects

In the Matrix, oblique camera angles are used in order to portray the distortion to the reality that the human beings live in. Additionally, the technical team used bird-eye view shots, so that the design and the heights of the buildings are articulated. This critical tool is employable towards the portrayal of the whole environment of a set. Continue reading

Tips for a Novice Writer

Novice Writer Whether writing for you is a piece of cake or the most strenuous task, which requires tremendous efforts and an unknown amount of hours, days or even years, we will make you start enjoying this activity at any cost. In case you feel like doing anything else except writing essays, there is definitely something that went wrong. The following article is going to fix this gap and let you feel less like in the jungle and be more in your element while writing a paper.

To start with, it is worth mentioning that success of your work depends on your attitude towards the process itself. The way you treat your task, the way you back your inspiration by focusing on the result and supplying your level of motivation with the desire to improve, get better and paying attention to the smallest details really matters. It is impossible to say that writing neither easy nor difficult. However, it requires hard work and a lot of practice. Continue reading

Perks of Being Shy

Perks of Being Shy Sometimes, a society considers shy people being aliens. That’s simply because common people don’t understand the world of shy people. Usually, loud companies make you feel uncomfortable, group discussions never hear your voice even though you know the right answer, sometimes, you manage to become invisible, and so on. This how the things go for you if you are a shy person. However, you underestimate your potential and value for other people. Just learn how to use your secret skills.

How Does It Feel to Be a Shy Person?

  • Dealing with the Group of People You See for the First Time
  • When you meet a big group of unknown people you first thought is to escape. However, sooner or later you’ll have to get acquainted with them. Shy people are afraid to seem boring because they don’t talk much. To avoid awkward situations and gradually join the team, find one person who is most likely to become your friend. This friend will help you to deal with the others.

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