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Four Things in Life You Wished to Know Earlier

Life is always unpredictable and it gives us lessons at the most inappropriate moments. These lessons are a real school of life. Without living the particular moment, you are never going to be ready for it.

Slowly and constantly life teaches you to live it fully. Of course, each of us wished he knew the lesson earlier, so he wouldn’t regret taking a responsibility or not doing what they had to do. To help you be more aware of situations, we arranged the list of four things you don’t want to learn too late in life.

Bigger Doesn’t Mean Better

Often, situations in life are tough and challenging, but after you deal with them, they became less terrifying and meaningful as they seem to be earlier. Sometimes you just over-exaggerate the situation that really isn’t that big. Make things easier by looking at the problem from a different angle and this might bring you to unexpectedly the good solutions in life. Continue reading

Cozy Living For Free

Cozy Living

Tips on how to Find Absolutely Free Luxury Housing

Student years are a great time. Young people value the simplest pleasures of life. Students are often poor, but, their youth is filled with vivid emotions and interesting events. They are happy without money in their pockets; they eat cheap fast food, wear low-priced clothes, live in modest dormitories and enjoy every day of their lives. Of course, it is so good to appreciate what you have. However, you always need to strive for the best and demand more from your life, even if you are just starting out, you are young and you do not have money. One of the most costly points of expenditure for students is payment for rent of housing. It is very difficult, especially for foreign students. In fact, every student can afford to find an absolutely free of charge chic dwelling. It sounds like a fantasy, but now you will find out by what means you can realize your dream of comfortable apartments. Here are some stable variants. Continue reading

No to Animal Experiments

Animal Experiments In recent years, animal testing has sparked a fiery debate all over the world. Basically, it has divided the global society into two opposite camps: those who justify it as a necessary measure to ensure people’s safety and those condemn it as a cruel and completely inhuman practice. In this article, we advocate the later point of view.

It is extremely sad that in 2017, animals are still being subjected to harmful and very often lethal experiments by the cosmetics and household products’ safety researches in the vast majority of countries. You may not be a huge animal lover, but you have to admit one thing: animals have rights, just like people do. The fact that they are not able to voice their refusal to participate in experiments doesn’t mean that humanity has the right to use innocent living creatures as the tools for tests. Continue reading

Why Readers Adore One Hundred Years of Solitude?

One Hundred Years of Solitude Translated into 44 languages, One Hundred Years of Solitude written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is one of the most worldwide popular Spanish literary works after Don Quixote. The novel’s mixture of fantasy and reality, which defines One Hundred Years of Solitude as a form of magic realism, is the main peculiarity of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s book.

According to William Kennedy, One Hundred Years of Solitude is “a masterpiece that should be read by each representative of the human race. Gabriel Garcia Marques belongs to the Nobel Prize Winners in Literature owing to his work One Hundred Years of Solitude.

The usage of beautiful poetic language, the author’s ability to merge the routine aspects of life with surreal and magical phenomena, made the book universally admired. One Hundred Years of Solitude celebrates its 50th anniversary since the day of its first publication in the year 1967. By present time, 50 million copies of the book have been sold, which is not a limit for this fabulous, lightly historic, sexy, entangled, family based novel. Continue reading

Scientists Going too Far

Scientists Going too Far Modern science amazes with its discoveries. Every day you can see scientific achievements all around: up-to-date gadgets that cope with many functions and make your life much easier; smartphones or computers, which help us to communicate with people around the world, forward messages and files; home appliances, which help to save a lot of time that is very important for a modern person. It seems that the aim of science is to make a people’s life comfortable and help them in everything.

At first glance, science and scientists do not intend anything bad. However, actually, science has already gone too far and apart from existing, household and useful inventions, there are some discoveries that can destroy humanity.

Inventions That Can Destroy Human Race

Biological Hazard

Biological weapon, cloning and artificial intelligence are the most dangerous scientific achievements. If it were not for science and biological experiments capable of killing, wars would not be so cruel. Biological weapon can hit huge areas and destroy big cities. Unlike conventional weapons, it seems more effective, but consequences after its application are horrible. This deadly weapon strikes everything on its way having no mercy even for small children and animals. In this case, science is disastrous. Continue reading

Writing a Personal Statement

Personal Statement A form of a formal essay that gives your personal experience, academic background, notable qualities and achievements is a personal statement. Why do many institutions need a personal essay? There are a few reasons: determining how a candidate organizes his or her thoughts, testing the level of English, and a personality test.

Personal statement plays a great role on whether you will get an admission or not, check out these simple tips to manage your personal statement.

Writing a Personal Statement Keep in Mind to:

  • Keep the Essay Precise
  • It’s important to remember about the length of the article. Keep the statement short, be brief and appealing. Compared to a lengthy statement a concise one will be more attractive to the admission panel. Continue reading

How Private School Prepares You for College

How Private School Prepares You for College When young people apply for a private school, they have an ultimate goal of getting into a prestigious college. But how is a private school be able to prepare an ordinary student for college?

Private Schools Provide Exceptional Academics

According to the recent research, students who studied both at boarding schools and private ones were prepared for college better both in academic and non-academic fields than those who attended only public schools. Additionally, students who were going to private school had more chances to get advanced degrees. Boarding school students had the highest percentage of the advanced degrees. This is because private schools help young people develop love of learning; therefore, they have a desire to continue their studying after high school and college. Continue reading