Celebrity Interviews You’ll Definitely Laugh At

Celebrity Interviews You’ll Definitely Laugh At It seems that contemporary daytime television is all about talk shows and interviews. And it’s not surprising. Many people love celebrity interviews because they can be very entertaining. TV show hosts and their guests rehearse their interviews to make sure that they are informative, funny, and enjoyable to watch. However, sometimes something goes not exactly as expected, and it makes an interview even more hilarious. Here are some examples of interviews that will make you laugh.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield Interviewing Miriam Margolyes

Comedians are known to be quite challenging to interview because their answers can be absolutely unpredictable. Miriam Margolyes, who is famous for her role in the Harry Potter franchise, acted like a true comedian while Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were trying to interview her. Throughout the whole show, she was answering the hosts’ questions in a completely hilarious way and making witty comments, so the hosts themselves could help laughing. Later, Holly and Phillip said that that was probably the most joyful interview they’ve ever had on their show. Continue reading

Cooking Tastily, Easily and Quickly

Cooking Tastily, Easily and Quickly Most students start their independent life away from home living in a dormitory, where they have to manage their own budget. This makes the student life a time for hunger as there is no mom near to prepare meals. So are there any ways to survive in college and not to stay hungry? Here are some tips that will help you learn cooking healthy, quick, and cheap meals.

Getting Action

As you get to the dormitory after your classes, you probably do not have power for making anything. Most students just want to relax after a tense day full of classes. But you also want to eat. The truth is that if you have the energy for chatting on Facebook or scrolling through Instagram, you also have the strength to cook. Anyway, you have to go to the kitchen and prepare the products and recipes. If you consider cooking itself boring, grab a friend with you to have some fun. Continue reading

Top 5 Fashion Blogs for Students

Top 5 Fashion Blogs for Students Nowadays, everyone tries to be fashionable and trendy. Many people sometimes get crazy with new stylish clothes. Believe it or not, fashion can cause madness in young people, especially when they want to impress their peers.

However, there is no need to lose your mind because of fashion. Here is a list of 5 fashion blogs that will definitely inspire you and help you in finding your place in the world of fashion. In addition, you will learn some little secrets on how to be stylish without wasting thousands of dollars.

A Beautiful Mess

This blog is handy for all creative college students, who are willing to work with their hands. If you want to make your dorm room cozier and more comfortable, there are plenty of ideas on budget home décor. You will find tips on how to easily make a home-made tassel rug or unique wall decorations. Continue reading

Making Your Summer Job Beneficial

Making Your Summer Job Beneficial Summertime is amazing period of a year – warm evenings, short nights and a lot of leisure activities. Children usually perceive this time as a nice chance to get rest and enjoy their school holidays. It seems that for them summer lasts forever. For adults, this time continues much less for some reason. And the older people get, the shorter summer seems to be.

Most factories and plants organize continuous vacations for their employees during this shiny weather. These people have a chance to spend some time with pleasure and benefit. Quite a popular idea among workers is to take educational courses in the evening to broaden their professional knowledge.

On the other hand, students use their summertime to fill their wallets with extra cash. Nowadays, there are a lot of part-time jobs to help you improve your financial condition. Moreover, regardless of cash, that is a great life experience of money management. Being dependent on your parents is fine until you are a teenager, but after that you must find a source of your own income to start living adult’s life. Thus, here are a few hints how an ordinary part-time job can have an enormous impact on your future life. Continue reading

Writing a Perfect First Person Essay with Ease

Perfect First Person Essay The main aim of first-person essays is to inform a reader and share things you have gone through. It is so important to make it in the way that would let the audience be touched with your story. Getting different experience, we become the people we should be and obtain the knowledge on different areas of life. Therefore, this very essay is a journey through the way of your development. Only the writer can make readers fee all the inestimable value of the paper and invite them to go through this trip together. Here are some tips on how to achieve such a result.

Deciding on the Most Appropriate Topic

There is a huge variety of interesting experiences you could share with somebody. Everything you’ve came through at different stages of your life can be helpful for somebody. However, you should listen to your gut in order to be the most sincere with people. Depending on the topic you have chosen, you can make the reader laugh, cry or inspire him or her to take some actions. So, choose an area determining your feeling regarding different life situations. The ones that had the biggest effect on you would make you write passionately. What makes you not indifferent can influence another person in the same way. Bright ideas as well as inspiration can be fleeting, so do not waste time and start writing your essay. Continue reading

5 Tips on Interactive Studying: Acing the Finals

5 Tips on Interactive Studying Many students often associate studying with something incredibly hard, especially when talking about finals. They even think it is unfair to make students study so intensively during final week and suffer so much. On the other hand, you do not need to study intensively and even suffer from enormous amount of the material to be learned if you prepare to your finals week wisely. So, here are the secrets of interactive preparation before finals and making studying joyful.

Do not Сram

Many young people think that cramming is a way out, especially if they do not understand the material. On the other hand, memorizing the course content is not beneficial too, because it is easy to forget in stressful circumstances. So, it is essential to understand the course material and follow logical study patterns when learning new information. This way it will be easy to retrieve it during exams. Continue reading

Why Your First Job Isn’t Always Successful

Why Your First Job Isn’t Always Successful When entering the workplace, many young people look forward to quitting their first job. Why does it happen so?

The first day of your first job might seem exciting. However, it is important to consider all the advantages and disadvantages of the job you are planning to do. Otherwise, you might end up doing boring or menial work. Undoubtedly, you might feel down when you realize that your first job is not the one you imagined. Therefore, it is absolutely logical when you quit it in order to apply for another job. Surely, you look forward to the one you actually want.

Are Millennials Very Choosy and Hard to Please?

Every graduate wants to find the job that corresponds to the description in the job listing. Believe it or not, it is not an anomaly. According to the statistics, seven out of ten young college graduates complain that their current job does not meet their expectations. Only few of them claim to be satisfied with their first job position. Continue reading