Top 4 Tips of Writing an Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Essays

Defining an Argumentative Essay

In an argumentative essay, the student is required to:
  • investigate the selected topic thoroughly;
  • collect and evaluate the necessary evidence in order to support the argument;
  • establish a firm and unshakable position.
It’s necessary to note that sometimes students mix up expository and argumentative essays. Although these types of essay are similar, an argumentative essay is different from an expository one in regard to the amount of pre-writing activities and research involved. It should be stressed that an argumentative essay requires conducting detailed and thorough research unlike an expository one, which involves less research and is short. Doing research for an argumentative essay typically includes collecting data through observations, interviews, experiments or surveys. In-depth research like this allows the students to immerse in the studied material and understand different, often conflicting points of view. Irrespective of the amount of research that the students perform, an argumentative essay should follow the sound reasoning and establish a clear thesis. Continue reading

6 Mistakes in Essay Writing That All Students Should Avoid

Mistakes in Essay Writing Most of the guides on essay writing advise you to make a solid thesis statement and to stick to the structure. While these tips are definitely important, they’re not the only ones that you should consider if you want to become a successful essay writer. When you learn how to write your essay without the following six mistakes, the quality of your papers will increase dramatically.
  • Too many Arguments. Both essay guides and your professor want you to defend your thesis statement with solid arguments. This is why too many students end up including too many unnecessary arguments in their essay. In case you’re working with a basic 5-paragraph essay, you don’t need to include countless quotes, data and statistics. Three argumentsare enough.
  • Continue reading

5 Things That Will Help Your Kid to Write a Good Essay

Must-Do’s For Outstanding Essay Writing Each day school is getting more and more advanced, so you need to realise that your teens should be flexible to go all the way through. Today, high schools are going from tests with one single answer to whole articles or essays as answers. The reason for this is easy access to the internet. One simple request in Google and boom, there you go. Education is trying to involve kids in expressing their own thoughts and composing complete answers to questions. So, below you can find 5 significant tips to increase your kids’ essay marks. Continue reading

10 Most Useful Tips to Compose a Better Essay

Top Tips for Writing Better Essays An essay is a precise piece of non-fiction on a particular topic. There are a lot of different types of essays. However, it doesn’t matter what kind of essay you’re focused on, tips below will show you the right path of connection with your audience.

1. Define the Purpose

While writing an essay due to an assignment, figure out whether you know what exactly they want you to write about. You need to understand your goals every time you write an essay, it’s very important in order to express the right ideas.

2. Be Close to Your Audience

Analyze and predict who will be your readers. The more you know about your readers, the more accurate information you can give them considering their age or possible background. The less you know about your future audience, the more information and terms you need to explain to your readers. Continue reading

Getting a Job in IT: Tips for College Students & Graduates

Getting a Job in IT If you’re going to graduate in Information Technology and Computer Science, you should be proactive and get relevant experience while you’re still in school. It will help you be prepared to find a good position. Follow our tips to do this successfully!

Get Work Experience

While you’re still studying, you might think about getting a part-time job in your field. If you study any subject in the IT department, you may take anything from tech support or computer lab work to junior IT position. You can work as a backup operator, system operator, PC technician, etc, in your campus, or anywhere else. Another good idea for you is to take a closer look at possible summer placements or internships. A part-time job won’t only give you some extra cash, but also provide you with priceless experience, skills in finding a job, and the improved ability to understand what you really want. Continue reading

How to Choose the Best Biology Research Topic?

Choose the Best Biology Research Topic Without any doubts, biology is an exciting subject which gives a lot of fascinating topics for research. The researcher can pick anything from the life cells to the bigger forms of life. Biology opens a lot of perspectives before the researcher because it helps to learn the peculiarities of microcosmic and macrocosmic worlds. Unfortunately, some students can easily get stuck choosing a topic for the research because it is not that easy to choose the interesting and informative theme. However, the following article suggests a few tips which can facilitate this choice.
First and foremost, the student should realize that biology can be divided into several sub-topics, and learning more about them can help the student decide which one he or she wants to explore. Continue reading

The Greenhouse Effect and Its Consequences

The Greenhouse Effect Human activity on earth has many “side-effects”. For example, private cars and industrial machinery release much methane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and CGC trap heat – so-called greenhouse gases. They create a sort of an invisible shield in the atmosphere which can be compared to pane glass. The gases let the heat in but prevent it from being released. As a result, the heat is constantly held back. Although we cannot see this shield, we can feel its impact on our planet – drastic climate changes, droughts, floods, hurricanes, etc. All of them pose a serious threat to people and other living creatures.

The Causes

Water vapor, CO2, and methane are the key gases which cause the greenhouse effect. Other gases mentioned above are a result of human activity, and they contribute greatly to the creation of the heat trap. Although greenhouse effect is to some extent a natural process, people have been extremely active in altering natural processes over the course of the last 50 years. Therefore, it is our responsibility to take measures in order to prevent irreversible climate changes. First of all, we have to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. Otherwise, people and other earthly creatures will have to adapt to the new climate , and no one can guarantee it will be possible. Continue reading