Getting a Job in IT: Tips for College Students & Graduates

Getting a Job in IT If you’re going to graduate in Information Technology and Computer Science, you should be proactive and get relevant experience while you’re still in school. It will help you be prepared to find a good position. Follow our tips to do this successfully!

Get Work Experience

While you’re still studying, you might think about getting a part-time job in your field. If you study any subject in the IT department, you may take anything from tech support or computer lab work to junior IT position. You can work as a backup operator, system operator, PC technician, etc, in your campus, or anywhere else. Another good idea for you is to take a closer look at possible summer placements or internships. A part-time job won’t only give you some extra cash, but also provide you with priceless experience, skills in finding a job, and the improved ability to understand what you really want. Continue reading

How to Choose the Best Biology Research Topic?

Choose the Best Biology Research Topic Without any doubts, biology is an exciting subject which gives a lot of fascinating topics for research. The researcher can pick anything from the life cells to the bigger forms of life. Biology opens a lot of perspectives before the researcher because it helps to learn the peculiarities of microcosmic and macrocosmic worlds. Unfortunately, some students can easily get stuck choosing a topic for the research because it is not that easy to choose the interesting and informative theme. However, the following article suggests a few tips which can facilitate this choice.
First and foremost, the student should realize that biology can be divided into several sub-topics, and learning more about them can help the student decide which one he or she wants to explore.


Anatomy deals with everything of the human body. Thus, if the student wants to choose something connected with the living systems of body or some issues related to medicine, he or she should understand the main laws of anatomy. Think about something you have always wanted to learn about your body. Perhaps, there was some experience in your life, such as allergy, stress or fatigue, which you wanted to discover. Writing a research paper about it is your chance to learn more about this issue. Indeed, the topic should be interesting to you, because it will increase your chances to make it interesting for the reader.


Do you want to explore the ways which could help the humanity preserve the environment? Good idea! There are so many interesting issues including the social and the natural ones. For example, you can research how a new device, product or machine influences the environment. Also, you may search how to reduce the negative effect of the developing technologies on the environment. Besides, the researches which deal with the climatic conditions are always exciting and interesting.


Perhaps, you are one of those people who would like to learn how life appeared. In such case, you need to choose the topic connected with evolution. There are many versions and approaches to examine, and you just need to choose one and analyze all its aspects. Alternatively, you can choose two or more approaches and compare them. As for the topics to choose, you may pay you attention to the incredible speed of technologies and human peculiarities which allow adapting to these changes.

DNA and Coding

This subject is a rather complex one but equally interesting. It helps the students understand how the living organisms are put together. Thus, if you are not afraid to work with the genetic codes, you can pick such a topic.
In conclusion, no matter what topic you choose, you will need to dedicate much time to writing the paper, and all your efforts will be rewarded. If you have some difficulties with formulating the topic, feel free to ask your professor for assistance, and he or she will gladly help you define the scope of future research.

The Greenhouse Effect and Its Consequences

The Greenhouse Effect Human activity on earth has many “side-effects.” For example, private cars and industrial machinery release much methane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and CGC trap heat – so-called greenhouse gases. They create a sort of an invisible shield in the atmosphere which can be compared to pane glass. The gases let the heat in but prevent it from being released. As a result, the heat is constantly held back. Although we cannot see this shield, we can feel its impact on our planet – drastic climate changes, droughts, floods, hurricanes, etc. All of them pose a serious threat to people and other living creatures.

The causes

Water vapor, CO2, and methane are the key gases which cause the greenhouse effect. Other gases mentioned above are a result of human activity, and they contribute greatly to the creation of the heat trap. Although greenhouse effect is to some extent a natural process, people have been extremely active in altering natural processes over the course of the last 50 years. Therefore, it is our responsibility to take measures in order to prevent irreversible climate changes. First of all, we have to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. Otherwise, people and other earthly creatures will have to adapt to the new climate , and no one can guarantee it will be possible. Continue reading

How to Achieve Your Goals

Personal Achievements Essay I bet that everyone has childhood dreams of becoming someone. We often hear a phrase “when I was a kid, I always wanted to be …” However, the majority end up with any other job but not the one they have always wanted. Therefore, people have jobs that do not bring them any satisfaction. Is it actually fine? Should a childhood dream be accomplished?

1. Set realistic goals.

It is a well-known fact that children tend to exaggerate. Moreover, the world is constantly developing. It might happen that you will have a job that didn’t even exist when you were a kid. So, is it rational to worry about an unaccomplished childhood dream? Be realistic about your goals. Besides, take into account that your preferences also change through the years. I doubt that when you are 25 you want the same things you wanted when you were 5. Thus, consider your childhood dream of becoming a dentist (or anyone else) as your childhood whim. Continue reading

Useful Tips Concerning an Opinion Survey Essay

Opinion Survey Essay When you have conducted an opinion survey, the most important thing you have to do next is to sum up your results and write them in such a good way so that it makes an essay eye-catching and informative. As a matter of fact, you can use different formats in order to put your results on the paper and not only on paper. Among them are bullet point presentations, Excel spreadsheets, or an essay that presents the summary of the results.

To tell you the truth, the essay format makes it available to write all the gathered material and facts correctly and with all necessary details. Actually, in the following paragraphs, you will be given an opportunity to get acquainted with the most effective recommendations regarding how to write an opinion survey essay.

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How to Choose a Topic for a Sociology Research Proposal

Sociology Research Proposal Topics Sociology is a relatively new field. However, it has become quite popular in recent years. Many students decide to dedicate their lives to the study of human behavior in various contexts. As of now, there still is a wide range of unexplored issues that require the attention of young scholars. This is probably why it can be so hard to focus on one. Here are a few pieces of advice on how to find a research topic that suits you best.

1. Imagine the field complexly

Sociology is a compound discipline. People who study it should understand that they must keep abreast of the latest developments in such areas as religion, economy, politics, and many others. Doing so requires a lot of dedication, critical thinking, and perseverance.

2. Choose a topic that interests you

Research in any field is a complicated and time-consuming affair. This is why you should always choose something you are passionate about. Other things to consider before dedicating yourself are your current level of skill, methodology, relevance, and the potential scale. Continue reading

What is the American Dream?

American Dream The American Dream is considered as a fundamental part of the American culture. Although it was of utmost importance in the first half of the 20th century, it still continues to represent the needs and aspirations of modern Americans. Therefore, it is essential to understand the concept of the American Dream.

The first constituent of the American Dream is the dream of abundance, which implies the ability of the USA to possess a large amount of material goods. Since the United States of America is a country of the producers and consumers, other nations are envious of its prosperity.

The second part of the American Dream is the democracy of goods. It grounds on the people’s abilities to purchase the products they require, regardless of their origin, race, and gender. This dream is connected with the constitutional right of equality and freedom, which should be fulfilled due to the appearance of the democracy of goods.

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