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  • What Is Leadership?

    What Is Leadership?

    In the modern world of growing opportunities and in the era that requires more and more personal initiative, leadership is a vital skill that needs to be developed if you want to realize your potential. Leadership is a set of innate or acquired features and behaviors. Most definitions of the leadership include three components, such as influence, group, and purpose. First, leaders are people, who influence the behavior of others. Second, leadership is usually explored in the context of groups, especially in working groups. Third, the leadership study focuses on the group goal, which must ...

  • The Problem of Poverty in the Modern World

    The Problem of Poverty in the Modern World

    The threat of poverty of the population is the global social danger today. Unemployment, economic and social instability, the loss of hopes, the collapse of plans are developing the process of marginalization of the population. That is why it is associated with regress in social development. There is a large stratification between the rich and the poor people in our time, which leads the poor to bitterness, dissatisfaction with their lives. In the ordinary sense of the word, poverty is the inability of the family to satisfy basic needs for food, clothing, and housing with the help of ...

  • Narrative Essay on Life Goals

    Narrative Essay on Life Goals

    What do life goals mean? They are considered to be something that people constantly set for themselves and persevere in achieving. These goals might also be something that you are eager to achieve in the sphere of your career. In particular, this might be climbing the career ladder, so that you get a well-paid and fulfilling job that brings you pleasure. Apart from that, life goals for some people are personal, such as to buy a house, get married, and have a family. One more type of goal refers to the academic life: gaining a college or a Master’s degree. However, life goals depend on ...

  • Accounting for Partnership – Essay Sample

    Accounting for Partnership – Essay Sample

    Nowadays, we see various kinds of accounting around the world. At the same time, all these kinds have their own unique and significant objectives. Accountants have to cope with these varying accounting types in the area they work in, paying attention to the type of employment that has become exceedingly popular today. We are talking about accounting for a partnership. This type of accounting belongs to the area that can be hard and perplexing, in case one does not have enough knowledge and experience. Therefore, it is vital to comprehend what accounting for partnership involves. Only then ...

  • An Excellent Hook Sentence

    An Excellent Hook Sentence

    When we are looking for something to read, we decide right from the very beginning whether this article or book is worth our time. That’s why an opening line must be a great one; otherwise, the chances that a reader will continue reading are minimal. The hook is meant to be the motivation factor that inspires people to read the entire text. Students are advised to start an academic paper of any type with a hook sentence. A hook sentence suggests what kind of questions will be raised and what the topic is. It helps significantly to intrigue the reading audience to the end. What ...

  • Bullying in School Essay

    Bullying in School Essay

    Essay is the most popular type of academic writing which requires the student to present his or her views on a specific issue in a way that is defined by the essay type. For instance, argumentative essay requires you to prove your point by providing arguments, in exemplification essay you need to give examples, in persuasive essay your main goal is to persuade the reader in your point of view, etc. Writing a decent essay requires good writing and analytical skills, and it is also necessary to follow a specific structure which includes introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Topic ...

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