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The environment as a whole shapes the behaviors, developments and experiences of individuals as well as groups. Generally, people live in a social set up and within a natural environment. In particular, the social environment shapes an individual in either a positive or a negative way. This is because an individual interacts and integrates with people of its community. Hock and others (2010) suggest that individuals will have either positive or negative outcomes for its personal social position in a social set up of a group. This is because social behaviors transform the relationship pattern of such an individual in a group.

Likewise, the individual will influence the group structure either positively or negatively. The family is a part of the social structure that affects the experiences and behaviors of an individual. Filippo (1992) indicate that it is commonly within the family group that an individual starts to develop its personal and group behaviors, communication skills as well as spiritual and theoretical beliefs. He further states that the family is a supportive socia interface between individuals within a diminutive-social setting where an individual can feel safe and loved.

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Individual social actions and that of its social colleagues affect the fitness of that individual in a social framework. Individuals within such a group will have different experiences depending on their place in the group makeup. This is because of different relations patterns generated by such actions. Nonetheless, not all group formations have similar effect on their constituent members. For instance, some association patterns may be good at disseminating information between diverse group sections, while others might be good at gathering and processing it. Such diverse structured groups will effect in individuals that will not have the same social functions, either inside or across these groups. It then follows that fitness of a person in a social structure will depend on the organization of the group as a whole as well as the individual's position in the organization of that group (Hock. et al, 2010).

The natural environment greatly affects cultural diversity aand group experiences. The diverse cultures of the world are to some extent, because of the conditions in the natural environment in which these communities are situated. For instance, communities, which live near lakes ill most likely, adopt fishing as their economic activity. Moreover, these communities would develop similar cultures across various regions. Moreover, they shape a culture out of their economic activities and climatic conditions of their regions. The natural environment also affects group experiences.

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For example, communities, which live in forests, will have similar experiences with their colleagues who live far away from them but live under similar conditions. These communities will most probably develop similar behaviors and experience common situations. Generally, people groups behave differently all over the world and have different experiences. This is due to different encounters with diverse environmental and social conditions. Individuals within groups will behave and act according to the social and environmental conditions that affect such a group.

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