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Gender Gap

Gender gap is measurable differences which exist between the behaviors of women and men regarding to access to some benefit or social good on grounds of gender differences. Gender gap can also refer to any statistical gap that exists in the gap between the measured characteristics of women and men in fields like wage rates, educational attainment or even labor force participation.

The article "The Gender Gap at School" authored by David Brooks describes how the gender gap has significantly played a role in portraying the various differences that exist between the male and female gender. The article depicts the various choices and preferences which are attributed to the various sexes and therefore showing how gender gap greatly influences the lifestyles of vrious individuals based on sex.

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Basing on Brooks Article, it cannot be correct that gender-segregation is prevalent in restrooms, bookstores and security pat-down areas. In fact, the whole world is moving away gender segregation and instead moving towards the adoption of gender equality whereby all sexes can be viewed as equal and therefore able to perform tasks at the same level. Based on my own reason, it is incorrect to assume that the male or female gender is specifically in preference to certain books, foods or even actions just because of their gender.

There are various factors which may influence an individual to choose the novels one reads, how one's brains worked, and how one's brains can be able to retain information in their heads. It can neveer be assumed that gender is the main and foremost factor that is attributed to the differences between these different sexes, but instead, other factors like the environment, age and personal attributes can greatly contribute to such differences (Whitaker 4).

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It is therefore no wonder that the female sex or women in general have performed even better in fields which were initially assumed to be for men only. With such evidence, the gender gap has no tangible weight to make people believe that a certain individual may succeed or fail in a specific field just because of gender. According to Whitaker, it is correct to believe that anyone, regardless of gender can be able to perform well in any field so long as an ample environment is prevalent (Whitaker 5).

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