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What role does community play in African American literature and culture?

The African Americans really depended a lot on the people of their community. this was seen as the perfect way to stay together since they really depended on each other. On the other hand, the people who lived together as a community found themselves have a piece of mind. Moreover, the people who depended on the community stayed together as a form of security and other support. The main role of the community was to make the people stay together whenever there was any case of insecurity and whenever they wanted to solve a problem for their fellow comrade.

What role does gender and sexual orientation play in African American literary and cultural identity?

When understanding the role of women in the African American community, it can be easy if the attention is passed to the gender, race and sexual orientation. The woman as been seen to be the pillar of the family in the community. On the other hand, the women were the people who inspired their men in the emancipation period as they always pushed them to become more strong. Moreover, the social political and religious factors are depended to much on the sexism of the women. Therefore the role of the woman was to be the person who able of holding the family together.

Buy custom African American Literature and Culture essay paper cheap

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