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The Movie Pretty Woman


How the society views certain factors matters a lot as it affects the way different people conduct themselves in the midst of others. The American society has been determined by many different factors but what appears to be rather effective is the economic status of an individual (Albers, 2008). The economic situation has been linked to be one of the main determining factors that describe how one is viewed by the society. This aspect has transpired even in the entertainment industry.  This is evident in that most of the movies and shows produced reflect on the American society in terms of social status and the economic position that an individual is in. in regards to the American society, the movie Pretty Woman has gained a lot of recognition over the years due to its reflection of the American society. The themes of the movie are mainly based on how the real society views certain people and the effect it has on them (Movie Forum, 2006). Therefore, this paper aims to look at the movie pretty woman in reflection to the American society.

Movie Summary

The movie revolves around a wealthy business man who hires a prostitute Vivian as his escort to certain social events revolving around business prospects. Theirrelationship is developed over the course of the week and the prostitute Vivian is seen to transform her life and adapt to the wealthy lifestyle offered to her by Edward (Movie Forum, 2006).  The transformation is based on the availability of money and the attendance of the social events. 

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The main aim of the movie had been to reflect the growing field of prostitution in New York and other parts of the country.  The reflection of the trade showed how the American society treated people from different classes. In the movie, Vivian is treated like a prostitute and cheap person despite the fact that she has changed her dressing and upgraded her manners.  The lifestyle that she has acquired through Edward is not seen by other people but rather her profession. At the shopping mall while trying to purchase clothes she is treated indifferently by the sales people (Movie Forum, 2006).  She receives the same reaction from Edward's business colleagues as they try to take advantage of her. At a societal level, the aspect of labeling is highly reflected in the movie, where the label prostitute is used to define the person despite the changes that they have made.

Socioeconomic Status

The portrayal of one iin the social events is important and it is mainly determined by the financial status of an individual. Edward is determined to make a good impression at the social events and showing up with a good looking escort is his plan. Vivian is given access to his money so that she can change her lifestyle to match that of Edward's. Edward feels that he can be able to change Vivian through his money and she can be accepted in the society (Movie Forum, 2006).  This indicates that the financial status of an individual matters in the society. Given the current economic situation most people are turning to odd jobs and activities such as prostitution for survival. The movie indicates that there is a fine line between the wealthy in the society and the poor.  Bridging that gap has grown to be come rather difficult due to the labeling aspect (Albers, 2008).

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In general, the society has its way of accepting certain people while rejecting others due to their economic status. This not only in event but in the shows hosted the life of wealthy is reflected in good light while it is vice versa fort eh struggling and the poor. This has had the effect of labeling on the individuals and instead of bridging the gap, it drifting the two classes further apart.

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