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Poisoned by the Pill

This is a review of the article "Poisoned by the Pill: Truths about Chemical Contraception." by Moresco, (2011). Obstetricians should assist women when they are bringing forth a new life but on the contrary, they have engaged in certain activities like promoting birth control. This is a direct contradiction to their work because it discourages bringing forth of new life. They are advancing the use of the pill to regulate birth control.

The media has also joined in the advocating for the use of the pill. Regardless of the fact that many women suffer from direct consequence of having taken the pill, the media still glorifies use of the same. It is as if everyone is denying the fact that usage o the pill has deadly effects.

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In the conference sponsored by Human life international, truths concerning the pill were brought out clearly. The birth control pill and the consequences it has brought upon women. One enlightening matter discussed is that the contraceptives have been affirmed a group one carcinogen by the World Health Organization. Carcinogens are Cancer causing substances that alter the DNA structure of cells. Contraceptives have one distinction from the other group one carcinogens. Unlike arsenic, plutonium, and asbestos Doctors prescribe it to patients.

It is probable that some women can take the pill without experiencing negative effects. However, for majority women, the pills are deadly. A good number of the dangers of the medication are on the wrap up insert. The inserts is such along list that if you hold one end, its last portion falls on the floor. The pills' effects are so deadly such that it causes serious ailments like stroke even in young girls. Studies show that the use of pills doubles one's probability of having stroke. A woman is at more than 50% greater risk of developing breast cancer if she uses contraceptives.

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The findings speak volumes. Recorded cases of women affected from the negative side effects are increasing annually. These findings should enable women make the right decision. Women should not use the pill to regulate birth control.

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