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No Child Left Behind

No Child Left Behind (NCLB) is a federal mandate. It requires that schools should make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP). This should go on till 2014. Moreover, this initiative aims at ensuring that every child is able to achieve a given level of grade in reading and math. Schools are required to meet the mandate without failure (Nicholas, 2002). Nevertheless, the mandate has been limited by the fact there is variance in the reading scores for example in the 3rd grade.

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NCLB mandate is an order from the higher board that is given to the principals and teachers as a marching order (Bradley, 2003). They are supposed to figure out methods that should be used to put the mandate in force.

Implementing NLCB mandate requires professionals for ts success. A collaborative system among different schools should be used to manage the system (Nicholas, 2002). This is important because, education systems are hard to change. Education systems are made of various stake holders such as teachers, administrators, members of the community as well as parents. Everyone should be notified of the changes before they are implemented. This is another challenge that has faced the process of implementing NCLB.

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To effectively implement NCLB, it is important to examine its success and failures. This will help in fundamentally determining the expected changes in the teaching practices as well as degree of student learning. Moreover, these will be an onset to more schools in the federal giving an excellent beginning (Bradley, 2003). Commitment to implement the change is alsso essential. All stake holders should focus on the achievement and student growth in learning and ensure they get quality education.

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 Well developed structures should be set up to ensure that teachers are rewarded according to their effort. A merit pay system should be incorporated. This will motivate them to achieve what is desired for the benefit of students. NCLB should be implemented in phases. This will help in accessing its progress and also making the necessary changes. Positive changes in education system will help to mould children to be responsible citizens of tomorrow. Moreover, they will be able to gain quality education (Bradley, 2003). Therefore, it is important to ensure that NCLB is implemented in all schools to ensure that all children benefit regardless of their intelligence level.

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